Welcome, dear listener to another forty-odd minutes of intensely engaging, life-changing chit-chat.  In this podcast I try and tie everything together with the idea that it’s dreams what keep comics alive whilst Tymbus tries to torpedo my motif and rants about the European Union.  Fancy a listen?  What say you?


Adventure into amazing!

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Pictures and comments on subject matter!!!!!!!!


Everyone loves Jack Kirby, right?  Come listen now as I, Gary Lactus discuss with that corpulent comic critic, Tymbus, The Losers from DC Comics.  Originally published in Our Fighting Forces, this podcast deals with the recently collected hardback.  We also try an experiment in which I use the sound effects from the book to generate some Dadaist sound poetry.

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There it is! Let’s look inside!


This time we look at and talk about some incredibly non-essential publications from comics history and answer some of your welcome letters and emails.  We have romance with Teen Confessions, thrilling drama with Have You The Nerve To Face The Unexpected, and rubbish with Wrath.

We also ponder the question: Malibu Comics, did it flip or did it float?

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Look! Pictures so you can read along with Gary and Tymbus!



In this latest, up-to-the-minute podcast, Tymbus talks about the weeks-old Watchmen movie and Gary Lactus looks at Mike McMahon’s work on Doctor Who from 1980.  Oh yes, Tymbus talks a bit about the DC humour comic, Plop from 1975 but by then we’ve all tuned out and found better things to do.

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Here we are in the vault.


Tymbus is saying “Respect my fandom!” and I’m saying “Keep it cosmic”.  It looks like I’m having a good time but I’m not because I’m with Tymbus.  Anyway, in this podcast we talk about  Batman:  Battle for the Cowl, written and drawn by Tony S. Daniel and inked by Sandu Florea.  We also talk about The Complete Peanuts (1971 to 1972) by Charles M. Schulz.

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Well sorry, Man Thing, but here we go anyway (click to download).


This week I pleasure myself by tormenting Tymbus with a choose your own adventure comic. An experience not to be missed.

All that and much, much more!…

1st birthday podcast: downtime

February 25th, 2009


Even my hero Galactus needs to take time out to Relaxus occasionally and we Mindless Ones are no different.  For our first birthday we all got together on my spaceship and just hung out together and talked about how our favourite comic book characters like to relax.

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Thanks to Brown Lantern for the editing.

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Get your love on!

This is what happens when boys get together and talk about romance.  It’s mostly guns  and gore though so don’t worry. It’s a long one so I’ve split it into two parts:

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Amazing pictures below!…


Still just about relevant, here’s what we talked about after midnight as we looked forward with brave faces into the howling winds of a future known as 2009.

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