In this latest, up-to-the-minute podcast, Tymbus talks about the weeks-old Watchmen movie and Gary Lactus looks at Mike McMahon’s work on Doctor Who from 1980.  Oh yes, Tymbus talks a bit about the DC humour comic, Plop from 1975 but by then we’ve all tuned out and found better things to do.

Click to download Vault of Tymbus #5


We could have given you screen shots from Watchmen or images from the comic but none of them would have been as great as Saturday Morning Watchmen. If you haven’t seen this then you should.

Here we have the greatest rendition of a Cyber-man ever (from Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #4), drawn by Mike McMahon, inked by Adolfo Buylla and written by Steve Parkhouse. Coloured respectfully for IDW‘s recent reprint by Charlie Kirchoff.  Click to enlarge.


And here’s the cover of Plop. The cover is the best thing about it.  Click to enlarge.


Thanks to Brown Lantern for editing this grubby emission.

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