In this latest, up-to-the-minute podcast, Tymbus talks about the weeks-old Watchmen movie and Gary Lactus looks at Mike McMahon’s work on Doctor Who from 1980.  Oh yes, Tymbus talks a bit about the DC humour comic, Plop from 1975 but by then we’ve all tuned out and found better things to do.

Click to download Vault of Tymbus #5

We could have given you screen shots from Watchmen or images from the comic but none of them would have been as great as Saturday Morning Watchmen. If you haven’t seen this then you should.

Here we have the greatest rendition of a Cyber-man ever (from Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #4), drawn by Mike McMahon, inked by Adolfo Buylla and written by Steve Parkhouse. Coloured respectfully for IDW‘s recent reprint by Charlie Kirchoff.  Click to enlarge.


And here’s the cover of Plop. The cover is the best thing about it.  Click to enlarge.


Thanks to Brown Lantern for editing this grubby emission.

17 Responses to “Gary Lactus’ Vault of Tymbus #5”

  1. Zom Says:

    Eh? Surely the threat that the squid embodies is global, *is* mutually assured destruction? Isn’t that the point? Also, Watchmen most definitely does have a number of non-comic book related things to say – that’s pretty much indisputable, you vault dwelling weirdo!

    Lactus, I want to see those hard questions put to Alan Moore. Lulz.

  2. Eman Says:

    saturday morning watchmen is where it’s at.
    i watched it and said “lol” and then i ran onto the street and shouted “lol!” at the top of my voice.
    subsequently i watched it again and then slid off my chair, crying “rofl.”
    my sides have split, which is a sexy look.
    thanks for that.


  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    Other questions for Alan Moore:

    So, Alan. With your Hollywood success must surely have come a change in your lifestyle. Got any good stories about your life with the stars?

    What’s Sean Connery like IRL?

    That Natalie Portman’s pretty hot. What’s her house like?

    Stan Lee’s cameos in his films are absolutely classic legernd! Any chance of an Alan More cameo in any forthcoming Alan Moore films?

    Who do you think is the front runner in the Battle For The Cowl?

    What’re you driving these days?

  4. adam aaron Says:

    Actually, the ending works. It is just destruction by a god-like force, rather that “mutually” assured destruction.

  5. Zom Says:

    (Mutually assured destruction is probably the wrong terminology to use in this context, so I’ll stop using it, but my point still stands, Tymbo)

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    Such a shame that Tymbus is safely locked up and unable to respond to any of this. I’ll just urinate on him next time I go down to the vault.

  7. adam aaron Says:

    I also don’t think that the main point of the story is that the world is “better off without (or with) those ‘dumb’ super-heroes.”

    If that were the point then it would be a damn stupid one considering it would have absolutely no relevance to the reader what-so-ever.

    Conversely, the theme of the wrongness of celebrity hero-worship (and letting people govern you from above and such) might be a more astute take (just saying, maybe).

  8. Eman Says:

    this is just info of purely behind the scenes techy web-content relevance so do delete after use. if possible.
    : this audio is playing much too fast. (streaming via play button)
    i thought it was for humour at first but it’s basically unlistenable.
    i’m using IE7 on vista home basic on a celeron processor.
    hope that’s helpful. sorry it’s boring.
    ps, the html link works fine so i blame that quicktime thing.

  9. Eman Says:

    the song, “All Along The Watchtower” is most definetely quoted in the comic, along with several other pop songs.
    generally at the end of chapters.

    it’s when they arrive at ozymandias’ base.
    “… 2 riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.”
    fairly apt.
    it’s only the lyrics though, you don’t actually hear the song cause it’s a comic. and there’s no printed score a la v for vendetta.
    maybe that’s why moore said it was “unfilmable,” cause the actual sound of that song would ruin it.
    never did understand that, it seems such a cinematic/televisual/dramatic book, like much of his work.

    mick mcmahon rox.
    remember muto-maniac?

    ahh, garbage pail kids.
    art spiegelman’s greatest invention.
    couple of other underground cartoonists did the art.
    i bet they spent all the money on dope.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Right, Muto-Manic… Did that ever appear outside of Toxic? I must dig that stuff out.

  11. Zom Says:

    Eman, I don’t know why it would be playing too fast – it’s fine on my computer (I run Firefox and Chrome and have tested it in IE7). Something about your computer doesn’t like something about our audio player. Sometimes people just don’t get along…

  12. Gary Lactus Says:

    Bobsy had the same problem on his work computer. He tried it again and it was fine.

  13. Tymbus (for it is HE) Says:

    Ta for all the comments,
    I think the trite message of the Watchmen comic was if the earth has a common enemy to fight then its warring countries will be at peace (bonkers when you think of it). MAD is if you destroy my country, I’ll destroy yours so lets live in peaceful terror of each other(a subtle difference). The ending of the film sought of combines both-Dr Manhatten is our common enemy but we have to live in peace or he’ll blow us up. It ties in with the idea of Watchmen (Manhatten is watching over the earth) and him as a (vengeful god). But I’m not keen. Still, for sheer horror watch Knowing the new Nick Cage movie. Quite Literaly ‘Oh My God’. Sci-fi rewritten as evangelical propoaganda. (Spoiler alert) Comic book fans will easily spot the strangers as angels-then it is just a matter of how absurdly literal the film is going to be.)

  14. Zom Says:

    You see too many bad films at the cinema. Lactus should let you out less!

  15. Duncan Says:

    It’s sad, what happened to Richard Kelly after Donnie Darko – I picked Southland Tales up at one of these closing down sales we see so much of these days, and it’s basically unwatchable. And now he’s written Knowing; oh, and I saw there’s a Darko sequel? S. Darko.

    Alex Proyas is also a good director (cf: Dark City,) wasting his time with shite (e.g. I, Robot.)

  16. Zom Says:

    I’m just not sure Richard Kelly was ever up to much. I love Donnie Darko, but it’s a film built by many hands, and it might well be that Kelly simply just can’t make good movies without the strong input of other talented and experienced people. Perhaps he’ll get better over time, perhaps DD put an impossible burden on his shoulders, but I don’t think any of us should be surprised if he doesn’t make another good film.

    Given the (alleged – I haven’t watched it, but the reviews I’ve read paint it as plausibly awful) shiteness of the DD directors cut, the prospect of S.Darko does not excite the Zomster.

  17. Eman Says:

    of course, the real message of watchmen is rigorously and objectively outlined here.

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