Here we are in the vault.


Tymbus is saying “Respect my fandom!” and I’m saying “Keep it cosmic”.  It looks like I’m having a good time but I’m not because I’m with Tymbus.  Anyway, in this podcast we talk about  Batman:  Battle for the Cowl, written and drawn by Tony S. Daniel and inked by Sandu Florea.  We also talk about The Complete Peanuts (1971 to 1972) by Charles M. Schulz.

Click here to download Vault of Tymbus #4


The main thought I had about Batman:  Battle for the Cowl was that Nightwing needs a haircut.


Someone could pull that in a fight!  And it’s all in his eyes!  Look!nightwing2

The sooner Bruce Wayne comes back and sorts Dick out the better.

As if you didn’t know, here’s some Peanuts.  Click to enlarge.


Thanks to Brown Lantern for the editing.   More from Gary Lactus’ Vault of Tymbus soon!

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