May 3rd, 2016





Hurry hurry can’t stop! Busy busy London! No time for blurb – places to be, people to see
<ITEM> It’s a classic reunion old skool spectacular as those seasoned old pros Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die get it together for a no-guesticode of SILENCE! The comics magazine lifestyle show!
<ITEM> Sponsorshadmin (is what the kids are calling it)! Choo got it! There’s some Dunce Tank talk, a prompt for you all to get on the case with the brilliant Sound of Drowning Kickstarter, oh and The Beast Must Die Talks About Cerebus Again…
<ITEM> Why it’s only SILENCE…Because The Film Has Started and it’s a Captain America 3: Civil War special. Git some!
<ITEM> Come on! Come on, come quickly, quickly the Reviewniverse is open for business…and they’re talking about Snyder & Capullo’s Batman, there’s a long chat about the best pastry comic artists, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, The Ultimates, Hellcat! and a bunch more. But mainly a lot about pastry.
And that, in all honesty is your lot. If you wan’t more make your own podcast!

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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.

10 Responses to “SILENCE! #186”

  1. Jack Says:

    First off, yes Beast, Greg Capullo’s next gig is working with Mark Millar. Perhaps it will be another complex moral fable for our times. Also, I am interested in the idea of authorial voices in Marvel films. In the main, I think I actually come down a bit more on the side of making sure we get the essence of the characters right than having a strong directorial vision of the Marvel Universe. That isn’t to say that would be a bad thing, but when I consider the recent DC films from Nolan(a tendency toward the dull) to Snyder(utterly stupid), it gives me pause about having an auteur style take on Captain America or Spider-Man.

  2. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    I reckon Samnee could draw a real satisfying, textured pie crust with some minimal ink lines.

  3. Retch Russell, Space Pirate (or... Simon) Says:

    Kyle Baker?
    Frank Choux?
    Just keep John Byrne away from the oven

  4. John Bishop Says:

    Rob Piefeld.

  5. Jeff C Says:

    Mr. Carter here. I can’t wait to play that snippet of the podcast for my Math class today, and yes, you may play it over the air. You have the permission of us all collectively. Thanks again.

  6. Daniel S. Says:

    Batman Baking Book: The check is written. Make a Kickstarter. Take my money.

  7. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Batman: A Lonely Place of Baking

  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    Mr. Carter! We will try not to cuss too much. Thank you.

  9. Daniel S. Says:

    Would Batman’s cooking outfit be called a Cape-ron?

  10. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yes. Yes it would

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