March 28th, 2017


Gary Lactus hosts an epic mash up lash up* starring hard boiled gritty pre-Giuliani New York cop just two weeks away from retirement, Johnathan Dick and a hypnotic robotic Spare 5 who returns like the monster from an ever diminishing horror franchise! Better than that though is the explosive entrance of crime fighting duo The Beast Must Die and Mini-Beast, ready to deliver a 200+ megaton purple nurple right on the left boob of the London Underworld! Wanna know what we talk about? There was loads and load and plenty of it not comics. Here’s a list of words!

2000AD Titan Editions, akira, Animal Man, Beneath, Blair Witch, Cry of the Werewolf, Curse Words, Dennis Potter, Doom Patrol, Found Footage, Found Footage Films, Gabriel Hardman, Gi Joe Vs Transformers: The Movie, Hitman, horror, Invisible Republic, Johnathan Dick, Judge Dredd Deviation, Junji Ito, Justice League Trailer, Kong: Skull Island, Larry Cohen, Larry Fessenden, Lone Wolf and Cub, Manga no Manben, Mini Beast, Naoki Urasawa, Nemesis, Not Quite Hollywood, Roger Corman, Romaction, Romance of a different name, Sandman: Overture, Scratched Live!, Silence! Because the Film’s Started, Slaine Choose Your Own Adventure Comics, Stray Bullets, TBMD, The Beast Must Die, The Belfry, The Origin of Spare 5, walking dead


*made you look!

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14 Responses to “SILENCE! #219”

  1. Jonathan Dick Says:

    A found footage movie that I really enjoy is The Den. It is on American Netflix, but I don’t know about the UK. Its about a graduate student who is doing a study on an analog of Chat Roulette and stumbles onto Chat Roulette for Murderers. It stands out because it, like you all mentioned, commits to the rules of found footage.

  2. Billing Says:

    The Bay is another good found footage movie / creature feature that’s set in a small fishing village on the day of some local festival so there is a reason for all the footage being taken

  3. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Barry Levinson directed? Yeah that’s a great underrated movie. Also Borderlands a low key Brit one with some really good character acting and a humdinger of an ending

  4. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:


    Gonna add ‘The Den’ and ‘Beneath’ to my watchlist as I must consume at least 6 horror films a week or I shall explode.

    I love when Larry Fessenden shows up in things, he adds a weird stamp of quality to proceedings. I think I saw him most recently in Carnage Park, which was an enjoyable film about a bank heist that goes bad, and a creepy desert sniper.

    I quite enjoyed Blair Witch, watched it this week. It helps that my expectations were SO LOW that the fact it had one or two scares was an actual treat.

    Cannae wait for that Larry Cohen documentary. Maniac Cop, Q, The Stuff, Bone etc, such good films! Love that there is always idiosyncratic characters and kinda 70s auteur stuff in his films, great, funny dialogue, but with monsters and that. Fuck genre, man! YEAH!


    Oh also I like comics, they’re decent. TF vs GI Joe: hugs and kisses to that comic. Made me smile, especially the cast list featuring Megatron “as himself”

  5. Daniel S. Says:

    A good hardy clap for the mention of HMV. Americans never know what it is, but we had it in Canada until a few weeks ago when they went bankrupt. I even worked there as a kid.

  6. Spare 5 Says:

    Yeah the one round our way recently shut down. I would routinely walk around it wondering if anyone would be willing to pay 20 quid for a dvd of a film that came out 60 odd years ago. Nope.

  7. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Oh, remembered a favourite bit from a found footage film. In Rec 3 (the wedding one), it starts with the usual bullshit ‘oh we must document everything’ nonsense but then once it all kicks off the cameraman realises he can’t run away from the zombie things while lugging a camera, so puts it down and the film stock changes to that of a ‘normal’ film for the rest of it.

    I liked that, seemed a good statement. Don’t remember much else about the film, though.

  8. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Another absolute belter is the go-pr zombie section of VHS2. Directed by one of the original Blair Witch guys. Basically (spoilers) the victim changes to victimiser half way through and the film switches POV without the camera shot changing. It’s great.

  9. Jonathan Dick Says:

    The Death Cult bit in VHS2 is one of the creepiest things I have seen. Really disturbing.

  10. Spare 5 Says:

    Not found footage but just bought Abominable cos it’s got Jeffrey Coombs in it. Not hoping for much…
    Found The Bay on Google films and my local library has the VHS films to be consumed on my next day off!

  11. John Bishop Says:

    Hats off to the SILENCE! team for the current frequency of the podcast! Loving the multitude of guest stars as well. Another thing I’m loving is TBMD’s Titanic Titan collection, every time I see a post on Facebook it fills me with envious joy. So much loveliness to behold.

    I can’t think of any found footage films per se, but one that had that slight cheap homemade doc feel was ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’, which I saw when I was probably about six years old, and it scared the living crap out of me. I watched it again a few years ago, and it still had a nice cheap vibe to it. Worth a watch.

  12. Nate A. Says:

    It’s not wholly found footage, but Cannibal Holocaust is an early example of the genre (there’s that word again, sorry Spare 5). Like Blair Witch, Cannibal Holocaust had a viral marketing campaign… The director had some of the actors agree to not appear in the media for some period of time before the film’s release, which led to charges that the deaths in the film, or at least some of them, were real. What was supposed to be sort of a “did they or didn’t they” stunt led to actual charges, which the courts dropped once the actors presented themselves.

    As to the film itself, I can’t really say whether it’s worth seeing. I watched it while suffering a nasty cold. As such, I saw it under the influence of cough suppressants, decongestants, and probably a hot toddy. I remember feeling pretty awful about myself by the end credits, anyway.

    Have you all seen Atomic Cafe? It’s a documentary made entirely of found footage from nuclear era public information films and other government and industry propaganda. No new footage. Moreover, it doesn’t have a traditional narrator. Instead, the directors used the voice overs from the footage and a period specific soundtrack to get their point across. It came out in the 1980′s, so at this point it’s a document of the Reagan era as much as it was, at the time of its premier, a document of the civil defense era. It stands up well enough despite (or maybe because of) this.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Gary, read Hitman! it’s all beeen collected now. Personally I reckon the first quarter is a bit weak as the creators are all finding their feet but after that it becomes terrific. It’s the most disciplined work Garth Ennis has ever written and the art team of John McCrae and Garry Leach is wonderful particularly towards the end.
    Good talk by TBMD about those Titan 2000 AD volumes. Because they’ve been around for so long, I’d totally taken the very high production values for granted until he pointed this out. Definitely makes my want to start collecting a few more of these perfect artefacts. And interesting to hear about that David Lloyd Slaine; must be just about the only 2000 ad work he ever did…

  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    Just lost an ebay auction for an almost full run of Hitman. Want to get it cheap as buying all the trades new is a bit much. Rest assured I SHALL READ THIS COMIC!

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