December 2nd, 2014




But didn’t we? I mean *really* when you think about it, didn’t we? We really did didn’t we? Yes we did. We really did. Did it, I mean. Really. Didn’t we? Didn’t we do it? We did, yes we did. We really really did. Didn’t we?


Ahh. Well then. Should we head to the drawing room and see what Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are up to? Why look! They’re recording a SILENCE! let’s go sit at their feet.

<ITEM> Oo-er, titter ye not, Missus, titter ye not, NO! Don’t you wave your sponsorship at ME!

<ITEM> The Beast takes us on a trip down memory lane to the heady days of the 1980s with Escape Magazine, featuring Alan’s Big American Adventure, Phil Elliott, Eddie Campbell and more.

<ITEM> It’s a one-step, two-step, tickle you under the…Reviewniverse. The boys trudge through the 4-colour wastelands with Ody-C, Madman 3-D special, Prophet Strikefile, Superior Iron Man, Superior Foes of Spiderman, Usagi Yojimbo, Zero, John Smith and more.

<ITEM> A final bit of chat about Guardians of The Galaxy and Thor 2 and then you’re free to do what you want with the rest of your life.

But we did though.

Didn’t we?

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5 Responses to “SILENCE! #124”

  1. Tom Murphy Says:

    Fame at last!

  2. tam Says:

    It has to be said that the judges haven’t been very good at protecting the citizens of mega city one. When Dredd started, it had a population of 800 million, which fell to 400 million after the apocalypse war and now, post day of chaos is down to fifty million. Although you don’t often see many references to quite how diminished the city must be these days.

    And in a similarly grim vein, the original Garth Ennis crossed series is one of the best and most moving things I’ve ever read though it’s definitely not for everyone, I thought it was as powerful as Maus or barefoot gen. None of the follow up stuff has been anywhere near as good though it sounds like Moore might be doing interesting things with the concept…

  3. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    Top work, gents!

    Krypton Comics is a funny one. That location seems a bit desolate, but I do try to drop in for their Christmas sale. They used to be conveniently located on that main strip near Seven Sisters, obviously when I moved nearer they moved out there. Also Raygun opened a shop in Hackney (I have yet to visit). And there are a handful of comic shops South of the river as well.

    If anyone is desperate to ‘fill their gaps’, I recommend the comic mart at the Royal National Hotel Russell Square this Sunday the 7th Dec, Plenty of old tat for 50p a pop. Good nerdin’!

    My personal favourite Dune figure was the one of Feyd (played by Sting) with his little cat in a cage. Weird toys.

  4. With Genuine Sincerity Says:

    You guys read the for really real Alan Moore Crossed +100 yet? Spoilers: no songs (yet) and dialect actually adds depth to the world/isn’t obtrusive in the least. Looking forward to following this one regularly. And collecting ALL THE VARIANT COVERZ

  5. Paul Jon Thrillne Says:

    I was super ‘into’ Madman in the early 2000s, as a result of seeing Allred in X-Statix.

    It had a whimsical, upbeat quality and was, y’know, fun? When it started being published again (the series with the mimicking-artists-styles issue), it had lost a lot of its charm, which may in part have been due to Laura Allred’s colouring and Mike Allreds lines being less about flat colours over clean inking, and more about textures over pencils, and it’s a less appealing look, to me.

    Mike Allred’s writing, as mentioned in this podcast, had become quite unreadable, and indulged his worst impulses of cod-philosophising and existential angst, which were never the best bits of Madman, really.

    I keep meaning to sell my Madman collection on Ebay or something, as I can’t imagine reading it again.

    The Camden comic shop, once I was in there, and a child assumed I was a staff member and asked me a question about stock.


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