November 28th, 2012


Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735….LIVES!!

Wakey-wakey fleshy ones! It’s time for your weekly comics suppository, SILENCE! After their blazing tour of ONE comics convention, Gary and The Beast settle into their respective grooves, cheeks a-quiver. Thank you yes,

After the ritual disappointment that is the SILENCE! News (with added Alan Rickman), the pair clamber aboard the slow-moving, wheezy old comics steam engine. Poop Poop! The Reviewniverse features top opinion nano-cloudforms about..

<ITEM> the new AMERICAN JUDGE DREDD COMIC…why I oughtta…

<ITEM> Captain America in Dimension Z (X actually), Inexhaustible Hulk from Waid and Yu (no, not you, YU! HA HA), Daredevil (hole is goal, yes), Hawkeye (no A-Ha jokes sadly), Clone, Comeback (what begins with C?), Conqueror Worm from Boobs Corben, Frankenstein Alive! Alive (o)! from comics sexform Bernie Wrightson, Dark Horse Presents (Dark Horse presence?), Number 13, Wonder Woman (it’s a punderful life HA HA), Justice League (hunt the Super Sausage), Spiderman and Iron Gland, Wolverine & The X-Men, Rocketeer and Steed & Ms Peel…phew! Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735′s conceptual head is spinning. He is going to be sick and it will be a 4-coloured yawn.

The Silent Question comes from Archie & The Punisher, and the answers include Seth, Modulok and Death’s Head.

All this plus nothing more!

Except for James Lawrence’s Dangerine

Thank you fleshy ones. Hello. Hello. It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back. Hello.

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Bella Emberg.

5 Responses to “SILENCE! #41”

  1. Asteele Says:

    I have to ask. What’s the cover of the flash Gordon theme samPled at the beginning.

  2. tam Says:

    Can’t believe you overlooked the greatest Canadian dream team-up of them all, which is Wolverine, (obviously) and Cerebus. The story would just consist of lots of fighting and drinking and it would be awesome. Seth would obviously have a cameo.

    Another dream team would be between Dredd, Dirty Frank and The Simping Detective. If only they could appear together in one strip*

    Also, Gary what became of Tymbus, is he still languishing in that vault?

    * Laboured in-joke

  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    The song is off Queen’s soundtrack to Flash Gordon and it is called Hero and it is the best song Queen ever did. Fuck, yeah, Tymbus! I should probably check on him. He’s gotta be dead by now.

  4. igmus Says:

    Wolverine & Cerebus would indeed be the best team-up ever, Canadian or otherwise.

    PS. I’ve fallen way behind on issues and episodes, guys. But please know that Silence! still has my (silent, for now) support.

  5. James W Says:

    There’s few things I enjoy more than the build up to that final… parting… “SILENCE!”

    Modulok references, maybe.

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