September 13th, 2016




Can you help us? We went on holiday by mistake…

That’s right Boils and Giggles, Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die have returned to brighten the corners and blow the dust from your ear-holes. How did you cope? What did you do? Where did you go to get uninformed, half-baked opinions about comics? WHY? HOW? WHO? Well don’t fret….SILENCE! is back and all is right again in the world*

*apart from everything that’s wrong and the fact that we’ll be lucky if we make it out of the decade as a species

<ITEM> Who wants some admin? Some sponsorship? Some waffle? Digressions? Begging? Apologies? All present and correct. Your mileage may vary.

<ITEM> DIY horror and comedy gone bad

<ITEM> Top secret news about SILENCE! #200…although by ‘secret’ I mean that we’re talking about it publicly on a podcast that anyone can listen to.

<ITEM> Finally we breach…THE REVIEWNIVERSE?!!? Like a Kirby-collage it reveals it’s shimmering 4-colour splendorousness… Discussed: Stray Bullets, Batman, Blue Beetle, JLI, New Superman, Kill Or Be Killed, Falling Asleep Watching Films, Batgirl, the transience of pop culture, Sun Bakery, Sixpack & Dogwelder, Loeb & Sale’s Challengers Of The Unknown and more more more.

<ITEM> Live DIY and paint on the recorder.

<ITEM> Out-the-backdoormin and the promise of a rosy future.

Didn’t you miss us? Couldn’t you just weep?

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6 Responses to “SILENCE! #199”

  1. tam Says:

    That issue of stray bullets was great. The way they pulled a standalone story into the wider narrative reminded me of a fun issue of Astro city during the Tarnished Angel story, which was (for me at least) far and away the best multi part Astro city story.

    If you’re doing a special on anniversary comics, then you ought to note that Tharg the Mighty is going to be publishing prog 2000 of 2000 AD later this month which is a pretty incredible achievement by any earthly standards (although apparently it’s the sort of thing Betelgeusians take in their stride)

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Good call re 2000ad2000. I must remember to pick that up.

  3. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    They keep teasing a “one character will die!” thing for 2000AD 2000, so I reckon it’s either a retiring of Dredd or the final death of PJ Maybe? Gonnae try and pick it up, anyway. Will be a nice thing to have.

    Oh nice to have a return of Silence! Weirdly heartwarming. Good to hear TBMD’s marriage hasn’t collapsed, and that Gary Lactus survived Edinburgh!

    Was the bad Geesin review in The Skinny? Pretty sure they have a black dot-based review system. My pal’s music got 2 black dots in that a few years ago. It was very mis-informed, quite apart from any critical judgment. Also I’ve had art in it but they dinnae pay so fuck ‘em.

    Sun Bakery by Reyyy, I was gonna buy it as I like his art, but the shop never has it in. Reckon it will be ‘not for me’ though. Read Sharknife a few years ago, left with a feeling of “I would have loved this if I was about 6 years younger”.

  4. Tim B Says:

    Welcome back. Is it me or does TBMD’s Alan Moore impression sound like a Brummie impersonating David Bellamy, just like Lennie Henry from ‘back in the day’. That obscure cultural reference means I’m old enough to get the falling asleep whilst watching films. Sometimes it’s for the best – X-Men Apocalypse for example, not very good, much of a muchness by the numbers Superhero fare with painfully obvious CGI work that sees all the bad ideas & laziness from the original X-men films resurface. At least I had a nice snooze after my tea, which was nice.

  5. Cass Says:

    The boys are back in towwwwwwwwnnnnn! Podcasts are indeed the new friends, and it seems that all of mine have been on hiatuses and skip weeks. I’m so glad to have SILENCE! finally back in the fold.

    So, after railing against it in a few of these threads, Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses won me back over with good will to spare. The last two issues have harkened back to classic Straybulls, what with their finely tuned character study and themes of suburban corruption – only awful people live in Annie Chesswick’s town. Her character of bottomless shallowness seems particularly relevant over here in Donald Trump’s America.

    And while I seldom feel anything from monthly comics, save a general sense of being entertained, after finishing Lapham’s portrait of Mrs. Chesswick, I literally jumped out of my bed at the last page revelation. Really pleased you got a chance to discuss this one – good podding on good comics.

  6. Justin Victor Says:

    I’ve had the ‘podcasts are the new friends’ thought many times too, and it was comforting to hear that actual podcasters feel the same way.

    I recently took my first trip to England and made the requisite Silence! listener pilgrimages to Dave’s and Gosh. Both lovely shops with lots of good stuff. I was glad to find a copy of the newest Cindy and Biscuit at the latter. I read it and enjoyed it and passed it along to a school teacher friend so he could share it with his class this year. Very cool work, Mr. Beast. I really wanted to check out The Cleaner and Jack of All Polymaths too, but alas it wasn’t to be. Hopefully I can catch some live action Fraser Geesin next time ’round.

    Anyway, it’s great to have you guys back. As life gets busier, more and more of my regular podcasts have fallen by the wayside but I always make time for Silence!

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