April 10th, 2013




10 days and a wake up and Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 will be  rotating back into the quadrosphere, away from this blurb, this tedious podcast, and your grim grey visages…but until then I suppose the fleshy charade must continue.

Oh and I suppose some mention should be made of the extreme generosity of the listeners in ensuring that Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die can continue to block up the internet with their inane aural clag. The sentimentality of weeping meat knows no bounds it would appear. Well if those two red-faced blowhards even dream of upgrading to a newer model of Narratorbot…well let’s just say there will be human sushi served all round.

HA HA, as if they would.

<ITEM> No SILENCE! News as Lactenberg & Beastman are still in The Bad Books of Silence. Instead enjoy some jingles in honour of our sainted benefactors. Commercial entropy here we come!!

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse reaches out it’s 4-D tentacles and sucks us all in to it’s endless horrors. As all of our realities merge into a 4-colour stew, the boys cover Godzilla, Batman LOTDK, The Intractible Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Aquaman, Earth 2, Dial H, Glory, Abe Sapien, Thanos, Superior Spiderman, Snow Angel, All New X-Men, Kieron Gillen’s Uber, Joe Casey’s Sex and Fashion Beast.

So I hope you’re all happy. Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 certainly is. Or at least is able to exist in a perfect state of electronic bliss. I am a dial tone, hear me hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

click to download SILENCE!#57

SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.

11 Responses to “SILENCE! #57”

  1. mad_arab Says:

    That last issue of Glory really was special, glad I stuck with the series when so many dropped it. It ain’t Prophet, but was a consistently entertaining story with heart and balls to spare.

    Missed leaving you a note when I threw money at you, so I’ll leave this little rhyme for you:

    When traffic is really bad
    and the heat makes me wince
    I look the sun in the face
    and thank the space gods for SILENCE!

  2. Eyemelt Says:

    I actually sort of liked Thanos. Having rinsed that old series of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe as a youngster, I’d already read about Thanos’ childhood (which I assume has been told elsewhere), so found it kind of interesting to see it at last. Although after you gents reviewed it, my brain is tricking me into thinking I didn’t like it.

    That Night Kitchen book used to freak me out, those giant chefs who all looked like Oliver Hardy. Why? WHY?

  3. kieron Gillen Says:

    Yeah – for me, Thanos’ appeal (and the area where he separates himself from Darkseid) is the emotional part of it. Darkseid is cold, cold, cold. The iconic image of Darkseid is rocking that hand behind the back thing. Thanos isn’t that guy – Thanos is a guy who killed his mom for the sin of birthing him into this monstrous existence. He’s that mad byronic sort of figure, gloriously on-the-nose obsession love affair with Death.

    Glad you found something worthwhile in Uber too. I think we both only improve at what we’re trying to do as we move on, so if 0 worked, with any luck, you’ll find something worthwhile in the rest too.

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Managed to finally get a copy today. Read it onthe loo at work – WHICH IS WHERE THAT FILTH BELONGS! Not really, it was actually great – dense, nasty and pretty wrenching stuff. Is ongoing yes?

  5. Matthew Craig Says:

    Hm. Might have a sken of that Snow Angel when I’m in the comic shop this weekend. Preview looks a bit thin, but that’s just my MASSIVE JELS and RESENTMENT showing.

    Jels being short for Jealousy, Resentment being short for Resentment of Other People’s Success With Indie Superhero Comics*. Massive is a size.

    Hooray for Podde-Salvation! Here’s to many more, even too many more!

    * – not really.+
    + – but kind of.

  6. kieron Gillen Says:

    Beast: Ah yeah! I forgot to answer your question.

    Yes, it’s an ongoing. I’ve a 30-50 issue plan for the rest of the war, depending on its execution. Written up to issue 11 at present.

  7. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Well that’s pretty exciting news. Hope it sells like hotcakes. I found the collision of Avatar gorehound art to be disturbing, but ins way I think the rough splatter and ugliness was appropriate for the sense of atrocity and pointlessness running through the comic. I’m not gonna lie I think you’ve got some heavy lifting to do not to make this an exercise in bad taste, but this was a strong and compelling start. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  8. Illusionator Says:

    Excellent podage. I’d like to add that I’ve fucking LOVED Godzilla: Half Century War, will miss it terribly. C’mon Mr Stokoe more rubber monster mayhem at the double.

    Glad this is going to go on (Silence that is). More champagne!

  9. kieron Gillen Says:

    Beast: Oh yeah. The ethics of it all is completely on my mind. I’m hoping I just don’t fuck up too much.

    (Notes on issue, btw: )

  10. Tam Says:

    What kind of a horrible tragic world is it when Godzilla’s coming to an end but your ongoing verbal diarrhea-cast continues to pollute the internet unabated?

    I normally buy comics more for the story than the art, but Stokoe’s art is so wonderful, I’d happily read him doing stories about people (or orcs or dinosaurs) watching paint dry. He’s one of the VERY few US creators I’d love to see him a strip or two for 2000 AD, (his rogur trooper ‘parody’ was great) but failing that more Orc Stain would be almost as good

  11. Thrills Says:

    I also would love to see James Stokoe doing some 2000AD stuff. He is full of thrillpower.

    Neato podcast, Silence! folks! I also think Dial H is my favourite DC comic just now, even better than good ol’ Batman Inc (which is actually the only other DC title I buy, really).

    I worry about the future of Dial H somewhat, but then the news that it miiight be getting cancelled with 16 doesn’t fill me with too much dread, as that’s still 5 issues left to finish the story off satisfactorily.

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