SILENCE! podcast #7

March 20th, 2012

Sweet singing Jesus! This is it. THIS IS THE ONE! No hyperbole, no exaggeration, this is IT. This gonna be the one the kids bicker over! This is the one that’s gonna change the game, this…this…

Sorry I can’t remember what the hell I was talking about. Forgive me. Been hitting the bottle harder than my man Starks on payday.

So what is this? It’s the seventh episode of SILENCE! the ‘award winning’ new podcast that’s sweeping the netosphere. In this episode you get two, count them TWO superhero songs: Gary Lactus’ ‘Variable Hulk’ featuring guest vocals from the soft Glaswegian brogue of Illogical Volume, and The Beast’s ‘Saga of the Swamp Thing’ super-ballad. That would basically be enough for most podcasts, but not SILENCE! God no. After that you get ‘hot’ ‘comics’ ‘gossip’ in SILENCE! NEWS! before the two launch into a heady discussion of BKV’s Saga no.1, Avengers Bendicise no.1, Captain America (and the loveliness of Alan Davis in general), Wolverine and the X-Men (again!), The Incredible Hulk (why not?), Casey and not-Fox’s disco bloodbath Haunt, the derangement of Elektra Assassin, The Secret History of DB Cooper from Oni, Shade from Robinson and Pulido [during which The Beast turns into a f*cking robot AGAIN!], the increasingly less yellow Fantastic Four, Saucer County,and SPACE: Punisher (fucking yes). they soil their minds at the awfulness of the Gearheart: Steampunk Revue no.2 in the fan-favourite You Should Have Known Better. Then the beast rhapsodises (in blue) about the lost classic Batman: Jazz from Gerard Jones and Mark Badger in The Beasts Bargain Basement (and yes there’s a cocking jingle!). There’s a quick discussion of the surprisingly brilliant Rise of the Planet of the Apes in Notcomics. Add in some America’s Top Model and the scintillation of the Coming Attractions, and you have yourself an aural swingers party.

So stick on your headphones, pour yourself an extreme beverage and CHOOSE THE FORM OF YOUR DESTRUCTOR!



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26 Responses to “SILENCE! podcast #7”

  1. amypoodle Says:

    Because of you two I’ve just gone on a massive comics binge. Caught up with Bullet Proof Coffin Disinterred (accompanied by the Twin Peaks TV soundtrack – perfect!), Wolverine and the X-Men (I can’t work out if I need this book to have an overarching narrative shape or not, but, whatever, I’m enjoying it so much at the moment. Issue to issue it’s as packed as it can get, and, as you say, each character always gets their moment. I just hope that Bachalo doesn’t come back any time soon and make fuck up its flow) and read the first issue of Saga (which I also really enjoyed).

    Fucking hell. Between all these and Orc Stain I really like comics at the moment. Next stop: Glory.

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yeah… I’m curious about Glory. Maybe I’ll sack off Wonder Woman and try out that instead.

    Comics are really good at the moment.

  3. Illogical Volume Says:

    I read the first issue of Glory, it was probably above average but very little about it has really stuck with me.

    Great podding as always boyce, you get a sockful of extra brains for featuring my “amazing” guest vocals and mentioning me a couple of times.

    Since you both agreed that I made Lactus’ tribute to the infinite complexity of The Hulk sound a bit Arab Strap, I decided to record my version of what an actual Arab Strap song about The Hulk would sound like.

    You can listen to it here…

    …it’s a bit filthier than either of this week’s songs, so I feel like I’m bringing some balance when I’m probably just being a bloody minded literalist.

  4. amypoodle Says:

    I’ve just read the last three Cap books too. Bloody hell, perhaps it’s just that I read a big chunk, but when did Brubaker stop being boring? I think Davis must be having a good effect on him. Still strongly dislike all the freakins and friggins though.

  5. Tam Says:

    I like Brubaker because you can tell he grew up reading the same pulp novels I did, which is to say lots of Ed McBain and Kurt Vonnegut. He’s got a bit formulaic over the years, (the Marvels Project was really tedious) but still knocks out some good stuff from time to time. I recently read his Tom Strong story (#29 & #30, although you can get away with just reading #30) which was absolutely brilliant, a smart and very touching homage to Moore’s own Miracleman. And it also had some lovely art by Duncan Fegredo.

  6. amypoodle Says:

    I’ll never get why he doesn’t understand that the freakins and friggins result in mono-voice, or why he doesn’t realise conspicuously limp cusswords like these only detract from a sentence’s power, though.

    Also: Lactus was right about the previous artists adding excessive weight to a story and writing style that couldn’t carry it. Davis makes much more sense.

  7. Ad Mindless Says:

    Freakin’s and friggins are very bad, yes.

    TMBDs on thge money about why Green Arrow works better than Hawkeye. DC is just that little bit more bizarre than Marvel.

    GM did a good job of tackling the absurdity of trick arrows in JLA.

  8. Ad Mindless Says:

    That Batman: Jazz (juxtapose Space: Punisher) stuff looks nuts. There’s a very good essay waiting to be written about Legends of the Dark Knight

  9. Illogical Volume Says:

    Those Batjazz pages do look pretty great, yusss. To be checked out A$AP, I think.

    I’m disappointed that youse goize didn’t discuss the new Garth Ennis/Jacen Burrows Crossed comic, which was BEST AT COMICS this week despite featuring a strangely static scene on a motorway that really underlines the distance between Burrows and Quitely as artists.*

    Like amypoodle said the other week, the flesh has pretty much dropped off the double dead corpse of zombie fiction already, skellingtons are where it’s at, etc, but Ennis makes the (not)zombie action work here, there’s just a really nice balance between the straight-faced stoicism of the narration and the feverish absurdity of the action (“CUNTYBOLLOCKS!”), and Burrows’ not-quite-Quitely art mirrors this perfectly with its mix of resoluteky “solid” settings and gushy, animated bodily fluids.

    Mmmmm…. fluids.

    Because I love The Beast Must Die and Garry (Barry) Lactus, I will get drunk and read Mark Millar comics in a Scottish state of mind, as requested. I very much doubt that Mister Attack can be convinced to do the same though – he hated Millar before he was required to do so under Scotch Law…

    *Seriously, those cars were moving? I did not understand that on first glance, Quitely would have suggested the motion using a wee bit of exhaust, or some flapping hair, or something, but that is why he is the best.

  10. Ad Mindless Says:

    (Oh yeah, Hawkeye has got trick arrows)

  11. Aaron Says:

    I will give you all of my brains if you compile the songs into an album, or even an EP.

  12. amypoodle Says:

    I was thinking the same thing.

    Just to say Damon Albarn part owns Honest John’s record label. They are bleedin’ excellent.

  13. Gary Lactus Says:

    It’s inevitable. Give it a couple of months to build up a decent amount. Maybe we’ll take it on the road!

  14. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I know – there are more than one Albarns. But at least one of them is a bit of a tosser.

    (I say this as a very big Blur fan from back when. He is a certified pop genius in lots of ways. But still…Flea?)

  15. igmus Says:

    I’ve phoned DC about getting you out of Limbo and back in continuity. Unfortunately, they tell me it isn’t up to them, since your copyrights are actually in dispute between Alan Moore, Rob Liefeld’s mom, and David Icke. Not sure how that could have happened.

    @amypoodle: Bachalo is back on Wolv & The X-Men as of next issue. Then midway through the ###AvX!!! crossover issues Nick Bradshaw will be returning. Not sure how this will work out, but in terms of thwarting expectations and giving good content for $3.99, Aaron’s work here has been reminding me of Uncanny X-Force last year. Remender was able to take EXTREME!!! ’90s concepts that shouldn’t work and do great things with them. So maybe the ###AvX!!! issues won’t be completely horrible.

  16. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I’m really annoyed about the crossover infecting a comic I’m enjoying. That said, it wouldn’t be teh X-Men without a crossover.

    Writers can handle crossovers elegantly – I’m thinking Robinson on Starman and Moore on Swamp Thing. Or they can not – I’m thinking Dan Jurgens.

    I have faith in Aaron, but I can’t pretend it doesn’t hack me off.

  17. Thrills Says:

    Nuuurgh. Steampunk is so fucking DONE. Maybe it died when Bachalo and Kelly’s ‘Steampunk’ comic came out? Wild, Wild West?


    (sorry, this is a current ‘bugbear’ of mine, due to some of the people I know. I’m always complaining about people that aren’t me, whoch probably masks deeply-felt insecurities and a jealousy that they get to, like, dress up in costumes and have fun)

    The peak of Steampunk was The Chaos Engine on the Amiga.


    Uncanny X-Force and Wolverine and the X-Men go so close to justifying my , er, ‘interest’ in 90s X-Men, as well as both being great in their own right. I just wish Chamber was in it. I am in love with Chamber.

    Batman versus Jazz looks ace.

  18. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I think the world of mainstream comics really lost something when Archie Goodwin passed on. He greenlit some absolutely amazing projects and was by all accounts one of the very nicest people in the industry.

    Can you imagine something like that coming out of the nu-52? Or DC for the last 15 years for that matter?

    (My Badger renaissance is now in full force btw – next up is the Gargoyle mini he and JM Dematteis did for marvel way back when)

  19. Thrills Says:

    Yeah, it does seem VERY un-DC. Maybe early-Vertigo, but then that’d probably be minus Batman. It’s fairly cheap on Ebay, which is good news for when I actually have some money,

  20. Ad Mindless Says:

    The problem with Steampunk: brown.

    How did Bobsy describe it? For goths who like brown?

  21. amypoodle Says:

    That’s brilliant.

    I was kinda surprised by yooce goisze apparent unfamiliarity with steampunk tbh. I mean, okay, you didn’t have Castle Falkenstaff kicking around your house the way I did, but it’s not as though we weren’t all reading Sebastian O when it came out.

    Sometimes I think naivete is something Lactus purposefully cultivates as part of his online persona.

    He’s more worldly than you know, listeners.

    He EATS worldly!

  22. Mark Badger Says:

    Thanks for making my day, Batman Jazz was definitely me drawing my end in mainstream comics. Archie was the support for it and just made it into a mini because he thought it was cool.

    Mark Badger

  23. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Hi Mark

    Well it definitely is cool. I particularly love how you use the computer colouring – it’s smeared around like you’ve used a palette knife. Pretty wild for 1995! Lynn Varley’s fantastic impressionistic colouring for Dark Knight Returns is comparable in it’s vibrancy. I wish more people had gone that way with colouring.

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