December 13th, 2017


Whaddya looking at? What?? You write a blurb, I’m busy. I’ll blurb you mate. Go blurb yourself. What? What did you say? HOW DARE YOU! You can take your blurb and shove it right up your {REDACTED}

“Okay bud, I think it’s probably time you clocked off. You been working this blurb shift for 36 hours solid. You put your time in. You’ve done us proud. But it’s time to go home bud.”

No dammnit! No! I’ll get this blurb done if it’s the…just..just stop all a’them starin’ at me wouldya?? Just…make them stop…

“Okay bud. Jacket on. It’s time to go.”

<ITEM> What schedule? It’s SILENCE! pals and your week just got a whole heap better. So suck it in bucko.

<ITEM> Dadmin, Admin, and the briefest of Sponsorships. It’s just how we do. That’s Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die bee tee doubleyas.

<ITEM> Tat-talk with some chat about Action comic – the banned UK thug kids comic, not that boring American institution

<ITEM> SILENCE!…Because The Film Has Started with The Beast recommending Colossal.

<ITEM> Finally…The Reviewniverse. Right here, right now. Or…then, When it was recorded. But now for you. But not now in the blurb because that’s now for me, but then for when you’re reading this. So…when? Anyway there’s very important chat about Doomsday Clock, Doom Patrol, Julia Scheele’s comics, The Beautiful Death, Dr Radar, Dork, The Grim Ghost, Lomax NYPD, Tiger Man and the rest of the Atlas fools. And more probably. WHO CAN REMEMBER?

<ITEM> Get outta here! No more items for you, Christmas shopping to do.


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4 Responses to “SILENCE! #242”

  1. John Bishop Says:

    Top listening while I work, gents- thank you! Need to listen to the Pat Mills audiobook, that sounds like it could fill a few hours.

    Although I was devastated that TBMD purchased those Atlas comics seconds before me, it sounds as though they went to an appreciative home. The Grim Ghost is one I do already own, and I was also confused why ‘Dunsinane’ was mentioned so many times. I spent a good few minutes trying to figure out if it was a play on words, but I reckon they just thought it sounded cool. The good thing about the Atlas stuff, is you can buy the entire line for peanuts. Would like to hear more thoughts and musings on these curious artifacts. I’m sure Lorne could sort out Gary Lactus with some gooduns. I recommend ‘Morlock 2001′.

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yeah, well up for some Atlas curios. Really want to read about Dunce Inane.

  3. Tam Says:

    ‘Events mean nothing to Gorilla Grodd!’ is the most existential thing I’ve heard all week

  4. Illogical Volume Says:

    Good pod as always boys, love to hear the classic line-up together.

    Frazzle – seems like the universe might love you, ‘cos it turns out that your ever-loving pal Illogical Volume has written a good sized post about Julia Scheele’s work including a couple of handy links to some of her short narrative works!

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