June 14th, 2016




…and the thing is, you should have seen the size of the bleeder’s head! Like a bloomin’ bit of roast beef it was, with all these filthy mouths full of doll’s teeth…snapping they were, just all snapping! And the way it moved! Like a film running back it was, like some awful old film… and the smell! Like a flippin’ abbatoir that someone had sprayed with perfume…sickening it was, sickening!

I tell you. Last time I go internet dating.

<ITEM> HOO-HAH! It’s only a brand new SILENCE! up in your grill with a boatload of sass and a pocketful of attitude. So join The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus as they take you on a journey into: the internet’s ONLY comics podcast

<ITEM> Bit of preamble ramble, some uewd and rude Sponsorship, plus a bit of promotion for Gary Lactus’ London gig.

<ITEM> Behold! The Reviewniverse! In all it’s many angled glory. There’s some DC Rebirth fun, with The Flash, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. There’s The Fix, All New All Sexy Avengers, The Vision and a whole mess more

<ITEM> But wait! It’s the Beast’s Bargain Basement with Alan Moore’s Majestic one-shot, Eddie Campbell’s Deadface and the 1991 Judge Dredd Mega Special.

<ITEM> Cheeky review of the ill-fated Fantastic Four movie? Don’t mind if I do.

More? More? Listen Oliver Twist, take your ‘more’ and shove it right up your



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14 Responses to “SILENCE! #192”

  1. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Judge Planet! That looks fantastic. Gonnae see if I can find that cheap somewhere.

    Totally agree with Majestic being a real treat. It seems a definite influence on the Brandon Graham n’ Pals Prophet, even beyond “Image superjerks in the future”.

    The collection of Mooro Wildstorm stuff is pretty good if you can find it for £7 or under. It’s got that, a decent Deathblow (art by Jim Baikie, I think?), the awful Voodoo miniseries which is like “What if Promethea was drawn by one of those people from the back of Previews”, and some other stuff. No’ bad!

    I’m real fond of his WildCATS, too. I love how everyone in it is kinda stupid, because they’re written to be, not just because the writer isn’t intelligent.

    Oh, also, I can totally give you vague tips about comics availability in Edinburgh, should you wish. Actual comics shops here are shite for back issues, but there are a bunch of second hand bookshops that are pretty great for 80s/90s b+w boom and goodbad supercomics.

  2. Tim B. Says:

    The Majestic Casey series is worth a look as well in it’s own right. May have to take a gander at the collection that includes Moore’s issue.

    Re Fant4Stic, I could go on, but just gah. Once they get their powers it’s the most expensive dumpster fire I’ve seen, at least Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has the decency of been consistently throughout its running time. I’m sure there’s a great ‘Lost Souls’ type film about the making of Fant4Stic, like there has to be one about DC under Didio, the New 52 in particular.

    Wonder Woman looks like it could be interesting but just can’t be bothered with the fortnightly schedule and prior to the Azarello Chiang run she’d never grabbed me as a character. I’d rather give Greg Rucka money for Lazarus.

    Aquaman’s traditional appearance compared to Jason Momoa should be interesting, with the Justice League film coming out the end of next year. Do feel that whether they choose to change towards something similar to Momoa or ignore the film they’re going to cause some grief because the internet, they just need to decide who they’re going to piss off. I’ll reserve my potential ire at the saccharine PR speech that will undoubtedly come with it.

  3. Illusionator Says:

    Nice pod. Felt I had to drop in to reinforce the Lightning Bolt love. Fan-bleddy-tastic in the studio and live

  4. Adam Says:

    Dan, you are so on the money about the jaqen h’ghar’s lessons.

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Who’s Dan?

  6. Retch Russell, Space Pirate (or... Simon) Says:

    About ELCAF – there were some nice actual-comics among the nobrows and risographs (very taken with the guys sharing Lando’s table who did stuff that was more of the Decadence/Prophet ilk, and had a good long chat with the amazing Oliver East) but it certainly did have that ‘flick the story, smell my ink’ vibe going on.

    As for the faux-naive computer game prints – it seems to be a necessary stage for every late teen artistic group to show their maturity and differentness by quoting the nearly-forgotton culture of their childhood.

    When I started art A-levels we’d sit down and talk about our love of Poggles Wood and The Banana Splits; the next generation had Channel 4 asking ‘Do you remember Spangles? Were’t Spangles great?’; then came 118 118 types wishing they remembered to blaxploitation stuff that inspire Tarantino…

    Now it seems to be youngsters doing stylish but predictable prints of old arcade games – but this lot are charging money for their first brush with nostalgia!

    Because I was too old to have the emotional connection they have with this stuff, it leaves me cold except for a few beautiful exceptions. I can’t wait for the wheel to turn again and a few of them to go make something substantial while the others drift off to media jobs.

    Let the next generation of nostalgists do their thing (which I predict will look back to the sound of a dial-up modem – which for people of a certain age must have a Pavlovian feeling of ‘porn is comming (very slowly)!’

  7. tom kemp Says:

    hey simon above – that was us sharing with lando! shame you missed us beast.

  8. Adam Says:

    Gary, Dan is an avatar of the beast

  9. tam Says:

    Moore’s issue of Mastic is great but most of the other stuff he did for image was pretty weak compared to his other output, although it was Shakespeare compared to anything else Image was putting out.
    His wildcat’s stuff was pretty readable but I nevertheless remain very fond of this very entertaining screed Jog wrote about it : The Very Worst of Alan Moore!

  10. Retch Russell, Space Pirate (or... Simon) Says:

    That’s it! Tom Kemp and Liam Cobb were indeed the guys next to Lando. I rate all three of their comics i bought very highly Shampoo, Bastard Building and Dull Knife (sword? something… I don’t have it nearby but it was very cool). Hopefully the bloke from Brighton’s Family Store picked up there wares after I shoved him towards them and will have future goodies

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