May 24th, 2016




They took his family…they took his kids… they took his shoes… and his dinner. And they punched his dog. And slapped his goldfish. Then they finally took one thing too far. They took his podcast. Now, this cop-on-the edge, who doesn’t play by the rules, is telling his uptight boss where to get off, and doing things his way. With the help of his two best friends Right Fist and Left Fist, and his two older friend who he has a slightly strained relationship with, his Boots. He’s taking the law between his teeth and riding it like a pony with a lovely shiny mane. He’s come for justice and he’s doing it his way. He’s doing it…


<ITEM> The two! The two are back! After being marooned across opposite sides of the mirror-verse Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are here to bring you a classic slice of podcastery, talking up a comics sized, fully painted, foil-enhanced storm.

<ITEM> Sponsorship? Sure why not – I’ll take two! Plus a bit of admin on the side.

<ITEM> Full steam ahead! We’re heading for the Reviewniverse hand in hand, our larynx’s humming in harmony. The Beast talks up Tillie Walden’s The End Of Summer, then it’s on to Civil War II, Astonishing Ant Man, Future Quest, Josh Brayer’s Theth, Raymond Pettibon, Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank, and so very much mooooooore!

<ITEM> A bit of Backmin, with more info on The Earth-Pig Diaries and then we scoot off into the night. Kisses!

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6 Responses to “SILENCE! #189”

  1. Jawn Marie Says:

    This is my colonist naivete speaking (we Americans brim with optimism – it’s the frontier and all our buffalo!), but if DC wanted to cram some Watchmen goodness into Debirth, why not just get Morrison to do more Pax Americana? Those are the *actual* characters, after all. Let Moore’s sad Charlton bastards be! Cash grab comics are breaking my heart.

    Speaking of, was pleased to hear (maybe last week, maybe 2 weeks ago?) that Beast liked Frank Miller’s scratchy neon batgirl mini comic. Was there even a batsymbol on her pink teengirl bat briefs’ bum? While I can’t figure out the effect of having a portion of DK III’s story introduced nonlinearly and in smaller format, I think I’d read Miller do a dayglo carrie kelley beating up groups of people with unclear intentions towards her for, well, not ever, but certainly longer than this Azzbert ripoff DKR stuff.

    Anyhoo, SILENCE has turned me on to McGuire’s “Here”, Devlin Waugh, and now, Tillie Walden, so keep up the dubious work of separating me from my money with no obvious benefit to yourself. Oh! Do the patreon Batman: The Cult! Do it now! I’ll pay American money.

  2. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Aww it is good you are back together! Lends a pleasing warmth.

    Raymond Pettibon is great, so I will check out his pal’s THETH comic! Good name, that comic.

    Enjoyed that first Earth Pig Diary, even though I have tried and failed twice to get into Cerebus. I’ll get through that High Society phonebook eventually!

    So Warren Ellis is doing decompressed manga pacing in a format that actively works against it? Is Karnak also now in a suit, really into smoking and ‘futurephones’, and planning on stopping mid-storyline, for that full-on 2004 Ellis vibe?

  3. Harry F Says:

    The past month has seen me part with cash for The Sound of Drowning, a boat load of Cerebus and now a couple of Tillie Walden books. So cheers for all the great recommendations, I’m now entirely penniless. Bastards.

    Ellis, as much as he is my large beardy Jesus, has been utterly excruciating to read monthly for years now, even when it’s his creator owned stuff. Trees was/is career best stuff in my opinion, but reading the floppies was like a slow trepanning.

    As for the Rebirth news/spoiler. It’s probably not an inherently shit idea, but in DC’s hands it does seem like it’ll amount to lazy shorthand for an interesting story, that’s actually little more than action figures smashing together. That said, I’ve never read DC regularly (despite loving the concept/s of their universe), so I’m unashamedly excited to get stuck into all the new #1′s.

  4. Tim B. Says:

    Read DC Universe Rebirth. Very, very bad. Works better if you add ‘it was that nasty, nasty bearded man from Northampton’s fault’ at the end of white Wally West’s dialogue boxes, particular the end chapter 1:lost page.

    On the plus side it wasn’t the Joker’s real name, but having DC’s shit sandwich purveyor in chief claiming that the past 5 year joyless death march was Moore’s fault may well become my go to answer when someone asks ‘what’s chutzpah?’

    TBMD’s reaction to Future Quest was pretty much the same as mine, the only knowledge I have of these characters as a 44 year old Englishman is the Adult Swim parodies.

  5. Jack Says:

    Rebirth is one of the most cynical comics ever published. How can anyone think that crap has anything to do with restoring any sense of optimism to anything?

  6. tam Says:

    I recommend Daredevil 191 for a review in Silence 191. It’s an interesting, underrated comic, the last issue in Frank Miller’s first run and you can see him limbering up to start on Dark Knight…

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