May 24th, 2016




They took his family…they took his kids… they took his shoes… and his dinner. And they punched his dog. And slapped his goldfish. Then they finally took one thing too far. They took his podcast. Now, this cop-on-the edge, who doesn’t play by the rules, is telling his uptight boss where to get off, and doing things his way. With the help of his two best friends Right Fist and Left Fist, and his two older friend who he has a slightly strained relationship with, his Boots. He’s taking the law between his teeth and riding it like a pony with a lovely shiny mane. He’s come for justice and he’s doing it his way. He’s doing it…


<ITEM> The two! The two are back! After being marooned across opposite sides of the mirror-verse Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are here to bring you a classic slice of podcastery, talking up a comics sized, fully painted, foil-enhanced storm.

<ITEM> Sponsorship? Sure why not – I’ll take two! Plus a bit of admin on the side.

<ITEM> Full steam ahead! We’re heading for the Reviewniverse hand in hand, our larynx’s humming in harmony. The Beast talks up Tillie Walden’s The End Of Summer, then it’s on to Civil War II, Astonishing Ant Man, Future Quest, Josh Brayer’s Theth, Raymond Pettibon, Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank, and so very much mooooooore!

<ITEM> A bit of Backmin, with more info on The Earth-Pig Diaries and then we scoot off into the night. Kisses!

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