November 9th, 2015




Stately, plump Gary Lactus came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed. A yellowed copy of Dark Knight Returns, ungirdled, was sustained gently behind him on the mild morning air. He held the bowl aloft and intoned: “welcome to SILENCE!”

<ITEM> Administration Nation! From station to station! With The Beast’s detailed rundown of the S.M.A.S.H event run by the London Graphic Novel Network, 21 Statements About Comics Criticism, Thought Bubble 2015, breathtaking tales of deadline crushing, burning David Cameron effigies, the Lewes Bonfire, and of course listener’s favourite SCIATICA!

<ITEM> Egadz man, it’s the Reviewniverse, shimmering before us, like some sort of…some sort of…Reviewniverse! Talking’ bout Claus no.1 by Grant Morrison, Dr Strange, Hotel Shade, Doom Patrol, Steve Gerber, Unfollow, Survivors Club, more Magnum P.I. Team Up, Paper Girls, Howard The Duck and more

Now do one, you rowdy rabble

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7 Responses to “SILENCE! #164”

  1. John Bishop Says:

    Top form today, chaps!

    I did manage to briefly stop in on SMASH on my way to a wedding, so was lucky enough to hear TBMD… ahem! Dan White’s 21 Statements about comics criticism. Great panel, and if it’s on again next year, well worth checking out. Joel also runs a monthly (I think) comic forum group thing at the Barbican Library.

    Howard the Duck is on my re-read list, I haven’t looked at it for ages, the Chuck Zdarsky version pales in comparison. I recently read Gerber’s Foolkiller, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s as if Benjamin Marra worked for Marvel. It’s batshit crazy, he goes around with a gun that just turns people into smouldering piles of burnt shit. It’s only ten issues and when it turns up it’s pretty cheap, so if you see it, grab it!

    After your discussion on Magnum team-up, I am feeling pretty desperate to see it materialise. It could have a secondary series- ‘Magnum PI VS…’ Where he battles various 1980s villains. And then another series called ‘Legends of Magnum PI’ and each story could be set in a different era of his life.

    Holy shit! I just checked out the wikipedia entry- the Magnum series had crossovers with Simon & Simon and Murder she wrote!

  2. John Bishop Says:

    ***also known as ‘Chip Zdarsky’.

  3. Thrills Says:

    I have seen the Murder She Wrote/Magnum PI crossover! It is amiable and does everything you’d expect. Solid afternoon telly.

    Magnum knocking it up a notch for a season and traveling the world could work, too. Bring Van der Valk and Bergerac into the mix. Higgins and Hungerford could be old army buddies or something.

    I think I had similar feelings to the Silence! Team regarding Klaus – when it was announced I just felt a bit let down and uninterested, and couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for it. Much like Gary Lactus, when I actually read the thing, I found it a charming, straightforward read that left me feeling quite cheered up. All the stuff about playing and toys and so forth really ‘hit the spot’ and I think I giggles once or twice.

    The art was, you know, it was good? Did very little for me, though. Reminds me of Matteo Scalera on Black Science. Sort of a late period-Bachalo meets a distant Humberto Ramos meets Sean Murphy. The more psychedelic pages were top-notch, though, with colouring that made me think of McCarthy’s covers on Shade.

    I love Shade. All of it, even the early stuff and the bits towards the end that feel like a terrible hangover or a slept-too-long dream.

    The ‘Nasty Infections’ storyline still feels very cruel. It was a tough one, late in the game.

    I should reread it all, soon. A fine comic! And the extremely ‘Vertigo’ Lenny is actually great, and not a precious bit of Gaiman Burtonia, as she so easily could have been.

  4. Thrills Says:

    “I giggled”, not “I giggles”. NOW who is the precious bit of Gaiman Burtonia, Thrills, you daft clown?

  5. Illogical Volume Says:

    Gonnae stop talking about comics and making me want to read them?

    Really fucking inconsiderate of you, honestly! Don’t you know how many books full of political theory and marxist ranting I’m currently trying to half-understand? Do you think I have time to go ape for the Man-Thing or to skulk around in Hotel Shade?

    CONTINUITY DEPT: lolz at your Happy talk in this podcast, totally accurate but I remember a younger Beast and Lactus combo arguing that it wasn’t so much a rip-off of Ennis/Millar’s work as it was an expression of Morrison’s own, long-standing “cunty” humour.

    Both SILENCE! teams are right but I don’t know that they agree with each other.

    I look forward to receiving my NoPrize/cock slap at Thought Bubble this weekend.

  6. tam Says:

    I have fond memories of those issues of Shade although lent them out years ago and never got them back. Lovely art and they also introduced me to the excellent Italian author Italo Calvino who, come to think of it, has probably been a huge influence, (possibly indirectly) on a lot of the more literary writers in comics with his playful reworkings of various fables.

    You have persuaded me to check of Dr Strange. I really liked Garth Ennis’ version of Dr Strange, (which is basically Noel Coward) from Thor : Vikings. A fun but odd read, with art by Glenn Fabry. It’s basically the first Dredd Dark Judges story but done with vikings instead and probably the first and last Thor comic to feature the F word…

  7. plok Says:

    If bringing in shows where the car is important is…uhm, important, then it should be noted that Rockford has a Hawaii episode, too. And who wuldn’t want to see Lance White meet Thomas Magnum?

    Also, I’ve been told there was to be a Quantum Leap where Sam jumps into Magnum.

    On a perhaps-related note, “Legends Of Magnum P.I.” has my extreme interest, too…but couldn’t he go back in time to fight Napoleon or meet King Arthur and/or stuff?

    We don’t really need Sam Beckett, do we?

    This Gerber talk warms my heart. As I recall, “Five Villains” was made specially for the HTD Treasury Edition…I re-read it frequently. Beast’s description of Gerber’s work on Howard as “healthy”, and of Gerber as someone who clearly enjoys normal relationships with women is spot-on…never again will we see a character comparable to Bev in a superhero comic, it’ll just never happen. Well, we’ll never see a proper Howard again, either…

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