November 25th, 2014



So Gary Lactus, a The Beast Must Die and a Bobsy walk into a bar…and then they ordered everyone else of said bar, in order to record a podcast. Shortly after the podcast was finished recording the enraged bar patrons stormed back in and threw the three stringy upstarts out into the gutter, as a lifetime of reading comics had left them milky of complexion and frail of frame. Certainly not strong enough to stand up to a bunch of gammon-faced alcoholics with nothing to live for. Nonetheless the outcome is 2 hours of comics podcast magicccckks…let’s all go SILENCE!

<ITEM> There’s a ramblicious opening salvo with sponsorshunting, and a selection pack of tangential conversations… but out of the morass comes a single ringing plea..BUY CINDY & BISCUIT!

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse opens it’s hallowed doors to welcome The Grant Morrison Apologist Society Annual General Meeting starts here, as the boys go long for a discussion of the really quite good Multiversity: Pax Americana. Much too chew on, and chew they do…woo hoo!

<ITEM> More Moz, as they careen into the void of Annihilator, before carrying onto X-Force, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Punk Mambo, Harley Quinn, Wytches, Intersect, and the weirdly divisive True Stories from Derf…there’s a bit of chat about Supreme Blue Rose, Zero, Loki: Agent of Axis and more…

Have a great time y’all. And watch out for the Jibblers!

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9 Responses to “SILENCE! #123”

  1. Derek Says:

    Glad to hear you’re checking into Si Spurrier’s work. I really liked X-Men: Legacy. Still need to catch up with his Crossed run and Six-Gun Gorilla. Tried my damndest to get into X-Force but couldn’t get a spark out of it.

  2. Matthew Craig Says:

    X-Men: Legacy was great. Spurrier occasionally sounds a bit like Ellis to me, in terms of cadence and energy, but without the pub-chat-ness.

    Bon tripodde. Some interesting observations re: Paxo Galaxo. I’ll have to go through it a bit more deliberately when I get a chance, although my instinct in these situations is to poo-pooh. I mean, it’s all well and good “talking to” Watchmen, interrogating it, etc., but ultimately, it’s just More Watchmen fic. Using the original versions of the characters just confirms their uselessness post-MooGib, right? People want the Question to touch on that Rorshach thing (like in that Doug Moench 2-parter). It collapses their world to the size of Dave Gibbons’ workbench. I mean, it’d be like Bill Shatner being typecast as Jason Nesmith, right?

    The 8/∞ bluff was great, though. The twist – the original sin of that universe – was brilliant, more true to The Genre and far less grotesque than the twist in Watchmen.

    Nightshade was a bit shite, though.

    This week I read the Xmas Viz, which was great. Drunken Bakers really hammered it, Jack Black was completely unsubtle (but beautiful), free calendar made attempts to be equal opportunity sexist, but ~nnyeeh. One of my fave bits of cartooning this year right at the end with the last two panels of the comic. Like Watchmen!

    I also read Amazing Spider-Man 10 in which Silk, Spidey’s genetic/metaphorical sibling, walks up and down sniffing the bums of all the alternate Peter Parkers to see if they make her as randy as the real one does.

    Nobody else seems to have a problem with this.

    I’m not reading any of the tie-in comics either, so it makes this issue even more pointless, as three or four groups of characters just walk out of the story to carry out probably essential plot in other comics. It pretty much punishes you for not spending enough money on it. Who are the baddies? Why are they eating “Totems” when they can clearly eat actual biomatter like a normal human? What makes Spider-Totems so delicious? Why don’t they eat other animal heroes, like Razorback or that twee little winnit with the teeth? What does any of this have to do with the original themes of the series, which I seem to recall had mostly to do with onanism, sollipsism and photography? Who knows? Here’s some more alternate versions of Spider-Man to play the roles of intellectual chaff. Who are the baddies? Where’s Madame Web? Who cares: that one looks like Vyvyan out the Young Ones! Is he English? Is this a reference to Saturday Starship?!

    Shouldn’t there be a Robert The Bruce Spider-Man? I mean, I know there was a Bruce Banner Spider-Man (distant relation of RtB), but surely in 2014, the world is ready for a Scottish Spider-Man?!*

    I’m gonna draw one! Sporran with eight legs! Sgian Dubh that shoots webs! With Great Power Comes The Great Responsibility To Try Try Try Again!

    …he’s coming out a bit Roman. It’s been a long day.

    * – alternate versions of Mary Jane Watson don’t count.

  3. Thrills Says:

    I like the idea of Robert the Bruce talking to a Straczynskian Spider-totem and going off tae fight the Unglish, his Bravehearty outfit emblazoned with a spider-tartan, shitty spider emblem on his face.

    Oh, quick spider-question. Has it ever been revealed why Kaine calls himself Kaine? Does he really like sugar? Badass sugar? The name has no real relation to anything spidery or Parkery.

    I wasn’t sure I’d read any Si Spurrier, but aye, I have! His Crossed webcomic was actually really good, proper horrible stuff with good weekly pacing. It’s the only Crossed I’ve read, and it felt like enough, really. Dinnae want to dip into that universe too often.

    Nothing to add about Pax Americana, really, other than it felt ‘special’, and I set time aside to enjoy it tucked up in bed with a nice glass of milk. AN EVENT. The bit where Captain Manhattom looked at me, the reader, is one of the few times where that trick made me incredibly happy. Russel Brand: Terrorist felt deliberate to me, but in retrospect, yeah, it’s probs just synchronicity.

    Annihilator, on the other hand, I read that in the train station while waiting on a pal. NO SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR ANNIHILATOR. I’m enjoying it, but the lack of a female character felt incredibly glaring this time around, whereas before it was just a niggle. I want the comic to get more insectoid and Dune/Lexxy, but what I want has no bearing on anything in the world, really. I’m enjoying the ‘meta’ bullshit, as it feels a bit like Grant Morrison shouting at himself.

    Plus, I am choosing to take the title ‘Angel Exterminator’ as a play on that Ash song ‘Angel Interceptor’, the one where Tiny Tim Wheeler lies on a bed in black nail polish. Granto, timely as ever with his cultural references.


    (Hmm, that didn’t really work as a sign-off)

  4. Matthew Craig Says:

    “Has it ever been revealed why Kaine calls himself Kaine?”

    Because he’s The Bad Son. Also, his face was all mashed up. Plus, he had the ability to scar people with a touch.

    ♪♫ SUBTLETYyYy! ♫♪

    (fun fact: Kaine was supposed to be larger and more powerfully-built than the other clones, because that’s what happens when you have a terminal cascade of genetic abnormalities. But during the terrible totemic (some connection?) Grim Hunt story, he got a shave and a haircut, and this made him lose three stone and six inches of height. Which means that, technically, I must be underweight.



  5. Matthew Craig Says:


  6. Thrills Says:

    Oh of course, the Mark of Kaine. Melting folk in the face with his spider-hand. I had forgotten all about that.


    Bobby Bruce the Spider-Scot looks like he’s having a rare old time. And why wouldn’t he be?

  7. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    Thanks for another mighty SILENCE! radio show. Glad you took Nemi to task. I love it when work colleagues find out I’m a comic nerd and say “Oh have you read Nemi?” like it’s some sort of common ground. It’s like asking someone who reads a lot of books if they’ve read an Ikea instruction manual. God, I really don’t like it. Mr Craig reminded me of the mighty Drunken Butchers. Now that is a comic strip that could liven up that Metro snot-rag.

  8. Frank Says:

    You hit the nail on its head when you go ahead and explain that the analysis is FUN; as there’s people that see it as mandatory boring homework to read a comic; they just want to know what Green Lantern or Wolverine are up to this month. Both approaches are valid, of course; but many times people in each group tend to look at people in the other as backwards bizarro people to whom up is down, black is white and fun is not. Also, its not like you have to pick sides…

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