February 4th, 2014



He was a tough, embittered Disembodied Ex-Copbot 15735 on the edge, waging a lonely war against a sea of scum and internet indifference…they were a plucky odd-couple of podcasting upstarts with a holster-full of half-baked opinions and a healthy disrespect fro doing things by the book. Add in cute little ginger orphan, a basketball playing dog, Iranian terrorists, time-travel, a hooker with a heart of gold, a show-stopping musical number, nazis, aliens and a sinking ocean liner and you have the MOVIE (comics podcast) OF THE YEAR (week)!

<SCENE 1> Sponsorship admizzle, a rambling account of back issue bin snooping at Krypton Comics (featuring Suicide Squad, Mr X and Lloyd Llewellyn), VHS Rental shops from the eighties and finally an ACTUAL demonic summoning that leads us into…

<SCENE 2> The Reviewniverse! Covering Black Science, Saviors, Miracleman 2, Midas Flesh, Saga, Guardians Of the Galaxy, All New X-Men, Wolverine & The X-Men, Revelutionary War: Knights of Pendragon, George Romero’s Dinner Dance of The Dead

<SCENE 3> Finally it’s new segment…Discussion Point! The twosome take on real world references in comic book worlds, and this scintillating debate takes in Dazzler’s pop career, Marvel Vs DC, The twin Towers, Britney Spears, Zenith, Cloud 9, Robot Archie, Spacehorse & The Teen Riders and more. INTENSE!

It’s the movie event of the Summer! It’s McConaughey back at his hunky best! It’s about time you were afraid to go back in the water! IT’S WALL ST…ON ACID!!!


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24 Responses to “SILENCE! #92”

  1. bobsy Says:

    My respectful addition to this comments thread is the reminder that Richard Branson appeared in the UK transformers comics, haling Centurion (?) and Megatron out of the Thames with a crane. They had been down there in the muck punching the crap out of each other for weeks, since an earlier Action Force crossover, I think.

    I don’t know why Richard Branson was involved. Marvel employees angling for cheap plane tickets, probably.

  2. bobsy Says:

    A man dressed as Dazzler:

  3. Tim B. Says:

    Just a few random thoughts on the Discussion Point -

    Val Cooper according to Peter David’s original run of X-Factor is Dale (Twin Peaks) Cooper’s cousin, which categorically anchors them to the early nineties.

    Also Iron Man’s origin was originally tied to the Vietnam war, as well as Ben Grimm been a fighter pilot in WW2. Looks like they’ve finally dealt with Nick Fury’s longevity by introducing his son who looks like the Nick Fury from the films, which kills two birds with one stone. (Although what are they going to do 50 years from now with Samuel L. Jackson long gone, chances are I will be to (or past caring) so it’s not really a concern for me)

    As to Wolverine Holocaust stories, to be fair it is the best thing Mark Millar has produced without Morrison’s input. Although the thing that gives it’s power, that Wolverine is silent throughout the story was actually Will Eisner’s idea and it really can only work as a single stand alone story functioning more on a metaphoric level than part of any ongoing Wolverine Narrative.

    Never read the Spider-Man Twin Towers story, it’s JMS and life’s too short for his tedious Original Writer fan-fic.

    I suppose it only becomes a problem when you try to fit the stories the characters are involved in into one single narrative and have them currently as 20-30somethings. There’s then the thorny question of why when they started as adolescents noone seems to have mobile phones, hats are all the rage, everyone talks about transistors solving everything and all the computers seem to be the size of a small car at least & involve tape loops spinning around and around.

    I’ve tried looking for David Yurkovich’s essay Why don’t heroes age, in the back of his Less Than Heroes graphic novel but it doesn’t appear to be anywhere online for some interesting thoughts on the subject.

    Oh and you should sprinkle Admin throughout the pod randomly, it’ll make sure all those Admin listeners keep listening until the very end.

  4. Matthew Craig Says:

    Nobody read SuperSoldiers, then? The MUK book about super-squaddies (shurely a more British title?) in cricket pads? Drawn by Brent Anderson, weirdly, because they’d already gone through all five British/Irish comics artists?*

    The “world outside your window” approach to superheroes has always worked for me. To divine too deeply what effect superheroes might have on their native culture can risk breaking the metaphor. Janet Van Dyne being a fashionista is one thing: everybody wearing overpants might be another (although all the arseholes that used to give me shit for wearing Spider-logo t-shirts twenty years ago are wearing \S/-shields now, so…)

    Oh lore: imagine the songs Billy Bragg wrote about the Superhero Civil War. Or the ones he had smuggled out of Amazon Britain before they lopped his balls off.

    (Ross Kemp cried,
    and Graham Linehan died,
    as the spirit of Boodica left us,
    And Clarkson’s fears
    with Hammond’s tears
    watered the field of testes,
    also Mrs. Thatcher was rub-bish)

    (or something better)

    I mean, I have to not think about how Sherlock Holmes defines our perception of forensic science both in and out of fiction, you know? The shape of that character in our collective consciousness, in our perception of the Scientific Method, in our perception of genius and obsession. Who fills that hole in the Moffatis’verse? Miss Marple? Poirot?

    Never mind your feels and ships: show me Greg LeStrade’s bloody bookcase. All photographs of Shaw Taylor and battered binders full of Dick Tracy.

    I’m enjoying MiracleMan and the rapid holy shit pacing of it. Feel a bit spoiled, in both senses, having seen clippings and scans and the like over the years. Bit like watching that Spider-Man sizzle reel the other day: I feel like I know too much going in. I’m gonna save up the issues and read them all in a one’r. I really love having the old Anglo/Lawrence strips in the back, though. I know some people are gonna find them too rough and old-fashioned, but balls to it: it’s pure Super, mainlined into the eyeballs.

    I also read Superior Spider-Man, and found myself blanching at the use of the word “bastard” inamongst all the stabbings and dismemberings and all that. And if I never see another montage of flashbacks and best moments in anything I read or watch on TV again, it’ll be too soon. Being so immersed – not aware of, but utterly stuck on it – in the past of a property is deadly.

    * – sarcasm

  5. Ben Says:

    Obviously Work-Horse needs a secret identity so he can maintain his desk job at The Daily Trotter.

  6. Tim B. Says:

    You should try to get Spacehorse & the Teen Riders in an issue of DHP, I believe that’s what those marketing types call ‘synergy’.

  7. jameswheeler Says:

    That Dazzler link was an emotional rollercoaster: I expected nudity, clicked it anyway (on my work computer, you understand), and my immediate relief was salted with disappointment.

    My take on the Real References thing is the same as my feelings about timelines, continuity, and shared universes: whatever works for the comic in your hand. Peter Parker should definitely go to a Dazzler concert on a date, but if there’s a good reason for him to talk about The Skirlix, he should do that too. It’ll only date the comic as much as the Game Genie ad on the opposite page.

    I can never remember if it was suggested by the comic or just my brain, but I loved the idea that in Daredevil: The Golden Age the baddie got older but Daredy didn’t, a change in costume colour the only evidence that any time had passed for him.

    I do however, think it very stupid whenever there’s a New York in the DC Universe. I’ll brook no surplus Goathome.

  8. Thrills Says:

    “My take on the Real References thing is the same as my feelings about timelines, continuity, and shared universes: whatever works for the comic in your hand.”

    I think I’d roughly agree with that, really.

    I just read the first trade of Astro City, and Kurt Busiek mentions all this, which was nice as it shows he’s thinking about this stuff:

    “Making a superhero world realistic – making it a hermetically-logical alternate reality in which all the pieces make sense and work logically – that strikes me less as a superhero story and more as that branch of science fiction that gets its stories out of making some change in the world, and then extrapolating from it…

    … ‘How would the world be different’ this type of story asks, and while it’s a perfectly valid form of fiction, I’m just not interested.”

    I do accept a large part of Marvel’s charm is that it’s got a vaguely ‘our world’ take on things, I just wish comic creators’d think a bit more about the whole thing before casually referencing Tarantino or something, even if it’s just in small ways like in Last Action Hero where the Arnieverse has Stallone as the Terminator.

    I guess Alan Moore did a good job of that in ‘Watchladz: Keep Lookin” what with cars being electric and pirate comics being being the prevalent form of roadside age-gap bonding entertainment?

    In conclusion: I have a hard time accepting that Scouting for Girls would exist in a universe that has space-hopping cosmic songstress Lila Cheney.

    I do remember that Coronation Street exists as a telly show in the Transformers Universe, though. I can accept that, and enjoy it.

    P.S. had to skip the bit about Knights of Pendragon as even though I’m the target market for this Marvel UK stuff, I haven’t been able to bring myself to actually saunter to the shop to spend money on it. I think I shall today, though, as usual, I could probably use the money to buy something more useful, like some cheap hotpants.

  9. jameswheeler Says:

    Odin’s beard! Scouting for Girls. Yeah, not to say Real References can’t be completely rank.

    Before Watchladz is a crime to comix

  10. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Incidentally, the Miracleman pieces on ‘Suggested For Mature Readers’ are here:

    Well worth a read.

  11. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Apropos of not much, I still think one of my favourite (and most prescient) Simpsons joke ever, is ‘Watchmen Babies in ‘V for Vacation’.

  12. tam Says:

    Sorry to hear Gary’s been having a tough time of it lately. He always wears his cosmic responsibilities so lightly that we listeners sometimes forget being a space God isn’t all just comics and podcasting. Very impressed by your ingenuity of summoning demons to improve things though. Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of doing that before? Hope things improve soon…

    Sort of disagree about that long Miracleman of the future strip. I too young for Warrior at the time (it was much too expensive at 60p!) but found various second hand copies at jumble sales a few years later. It hasn’t dated well but that’s got as much to do with changes in the way we consume comics these days. It was really exciting to read that standalone episode in the Warrior summer special. You’ve got to remember it was just one strip, being told at the pace of a few pages a month, nestling in an anthology and the readers didn’t even have any expectations that it was a story with a definite ending at the time or worry about the pacing of it. It’s easy to forget that in those days, it was much more about the ride than the destination

    By the way, was Bobsie in the Paul Pope signing at Foyles the other day? My mate thinks he recognised his laugh!

  13. Thrills Says:

    Just read Knights of Pendragon. It was alright, a bit too ‘sassy’ for my liking. Was hoping Gawain’d be Robot Gawain, but I suppose I don’t actually care enough either way.

    One of the things I’m ‘enjoying’ about these Marvel UK-themed comics are all the spelling mistakes and character-name confusion and such things that on their own wouldn’t be a problem, but are all adding up to make the ‘event’ seem pretty poorly-edited and tossed-off, really.

    Oh I am a misery guts.

  14. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Reckon that’s a no to Bobsy at Foyles. How was the Pope-fest?

  15. Eyemelt Says:

    Yeah, Popefest was very cool. Pope came across as a really nice guy, very positive, and drew a great sketch of Nick Cave for the audience. The chap next to me was chuckling away and suggested Nick Cave should be frying some eggs. His chuckling sounded a lot like Bobsy, so I was going to corner him at the end, but being the rabid fanboy I am, queued to get my little booky wooky signed. Thus avoiding this possible outcome-

    “Are… are you… is your name… Bobsy?”

    “No, it’s Dave.”

  16. Tam Says:

    Forgot to mention above one favourite little pop culture touch in Zenith. As you may remember, there was an important bit in phase two which revolved around his ‘published’ birthday differing from his real birthday because his agent had wanted everyone to think he shared a birthday with Elvis.
    This little detail was nicely foreshadowed with a seemingly throwaway mock smash hits style interview on the back of a prog before this series started in which we were given this information…

  17. Illogical Volume Says:

    Yes to Dazzler.

    “Internet villain Brendan McCarthy” gave me genuine lols.

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