January 28th, 2014



AHAAARGGGHHH! Batten down the hatches Jim-Lad! This be the Disembodied Barnaclebot X-15735, come to brace your mainsail, buckle your swashes, shiver your timbers and poop on your deck. Disembodied Barnaclebot X-15735 will only ask once matey…will ye let me and my crew of scurvy spambots aboard your cyber-galleon? Of course ye will mayeys of course ye will…otherwise I’ll keelhaul the whole internet! HA HAARRGGGGHHH *cough* HARGGHH *hack*…splutter. Blast yer eyes, Captain Birdseye never faced such brazen rebelliousness.

Onwards then mateys, onwards across the cyber-waves of the Sea of Snark, as we head towards the desert Island that is SILENCE! and those filthy landlubbers Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die…

<ITEM> Admin a-go-g0, as the pair discuss mutual sponsorship, Itunes reviews, cardboard ABC Warriors, Alison Sampson’s Genesis, Michael DeForge’s Ant Colony and technical tips from internet handyman and all-round hot comics talent, Chuck (The End Of The Fucking World) Forsman

<ITEM> A chord is struck and the Reviewniverse is entered….Dark Horse Presents, Brendan McCarthy, Mick McMahon, Prophet, Hawkeye, Brian Wilson, Batman, Rocket Girl, The New Invaders, The Walking Dead, Six Degrees of Flaming Carrot, Mighty Avengers, Judge Dredd: Mega City Two, Zero, Black Mirror, Dark Angel, Deadly Class, The Midas Flesh, Dead Body Road are all covered…

<ITEM> There’s a bit of Harmontown Again and a quick discussion of Gelding before the two are made to walk the plank, and not before time too!


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12 Responses to “SILENCE! #91”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Fraction’s Hawkeye sounds rather awful, with all the pop culture references. I kinda feel they should be used super-sparingly in Marvel/DC titles, as they
    of imply that the worlds the characters exist in are exactly the same culturally as ours, which is a bit odd given that they have magical space gods, mythology-as-reality, muscled spider-hunks and the like.

    I think the pop cultural landscape would be entirely different to ours, and explicitly referencing films from real life takes me out of the world of the story, somewhat.

    Good to hear Mighty Avengers is getting a new artist, though! Maybe I should start reading it, as I planned on doing before Glando got on board.

  2. Ricardo Baptista Says:

    Coincidently, Marvel’s launching “The Muscled Spider-Hunk” in April.

  3. madarab Says:

    Ant comic was by and large the most affecting comics i’ve read in a forever. so good on so many levels, and it’s still available online here:

    been hot for deforge for a while, and his shorts in Lose are great, but it’s fantastic seeing him do a long-form project.

    As I was reading it, was also reading up on Actor Network Theory (ANT theory) , and the comic ended up sounding like a dramatization of the theory.

  4. The Beast Must Die Says:

    One of the things I love is that it manages to weld human foibles onto a truly insect way of life, and manages to be true to both.

  5. Matthew Craig Says:

    That was a lovely bit of comics. Amazing character designs – I found myself anxiously anticipating the next panel that had a spider in it. Glad I didn’t read it before bed.

    (“Wolf”-Spider? No way.)

    //\Oo/\\ – how ironical.

  6. Tam Says:

    The mathematician Pascal once famously said ‘If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter’ but impressively Gary made that same point more succinctly when he mentioned ‘Snyder was writing less when he was writing less’

  7. jameswheeler Says:

    “C’mon mate” is pretty much a perfect review of Hawkeye #16.

  8. The Beast Must Die Says:

    It works for most things:

    Sandman – ‘c’mon mate…’

  9. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Maus – ‘C’mon mate’

    Maybe not

  10. madarab Says:

    Find it pretty interesting that it was retitled from ant comic to ant colony for the print version. A way to distinguish serialization vs. the sellable graphic novel. Ant colony makes it sound as if its more about the colony, while ant comic made it sound as if it were about the ants themselves.

  11. bobsy Says:

    Ant Colony’s been online for yonks – I read it ages ago #hipster and I sent you lot the link for it too so you obvs don’t read my emails.

    So ner.

  12. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I’m aware of that you unctuous oik! I read some if it a while back, but wanted to read the whole thing as a collection.

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