September 24th, 2012


This is it people – the ultimate listening experience you can do with your ears…comics, people, people talking about comics, comics talking about people, people talking about comics again….IT’S ALL HERE! IN SILENCE! no.32!!!

After the usual shit-bubbling from the two half-wits that pass for presenters on this farrago, the SILENCE! News comes and goes like a sex pest in the night, with a digression into Chuck Jones and Pat Mills. With nary a thought to listener safety or interest the podcasteers catapult themselves midrift first into the weeks comics. No muss, no fuss, let’s do this:

James Stokoe’s Godzilla, Justice League! no.0, Daredevil, Jordan Crane’s Uptight, The Shadow, The Walking Dead, Ghost, Revival, AVX: The Avengers, and Nite Owl.

The SILENT Question comes from Frank Castle and the answer involves Jim Woodring’s Frank, Jonny Ryan’s Prison Pit and Zenith: Phase 1.

Lactus reviews his underpants in notcomics, and after that adventrure in undercrackers The Beast talks up Nick Abadzis’ wonderful Hugo Tate collection and recalls Deadline in general. Then there’s a nod towards a fascinating interview with Brit comics mover and shaker, Dave Elliott, and Lactus pimps his wares like the painted French tart he so clearly is, with another Comedy Spot.

SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.

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19 Responses to “SILENCE! #32”

  1. Kieron Gillen Says:

    I’ve started singing along with the SILENCE tune. I’m not sure if it bodes well or ill, but it certainly bodes.

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Send us a file of you doing so and we can have you as guest vocalist next week. Add some lyrics too, you’re a writer!

  3. The Beast Must Die Says:


  4. Illusionator Says:

    The Hugo Tate collection is really nicely done. it does apparently have a few omissions (or not have…) but that doesn’t take away from the wonderfulness of the whole. My favourite parts are in the first story arc in and around the pub, because of the (as BMD noted) genuineness of the characters, in both their speech and visual appearance. Loved it then and it still stands up now. I had forgotten Millenium Fever… want to re-read some of that now…

    Thanks for another great episode, keep up that “one star – shit” quality :)

  5. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I love the paper the Hugo Tate stuff is printed on too – it’s like really nice grained cartridge paper. So glad it isn’t glossy.

  6. Illusionator Says:

    Oh and also meant to say that I think it’s Anguirus ( in the Godzilla comic not Gamera, as Gamera doesn’t have a spiky shell. Could be a combination of the two conceivably though… The appearance of the second monster from underground was awesome eh? As was the “sight” of Godzilla crashing through the jungle trees. Stokoe is doing tremendous work on it – great fun.

  7. James W Says:

    Godzilla’s Toho and Gamera’s Daiei Film. Like Marvel and DC, innit.

  8. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I get a D- in Godzilla studies…

  9. Illusionator Says:

    I feel the need to say something like I’ve been out drinking and shagging all night to make up for my rubber-monster-pedantry.

    But if I had been out shagging and drinking I’d probably be threatening to make you watch Toho movies until they came out your arse or something, so… let’s not eh?

  10. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Ahh that wouldn’t be such a bad threat… Although shitting out Gigan or Ghidora might hurt a bit…

  11. Illusionator Says:

    Kinda like this

    Sorry, errrm, how about them X-men eh?

  12. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yeah that’s it, but imagine a three headed space monster coming out first breathing lazers.

    Wow, someone needs to save this comments thread from me. Someone call the TCJ!

  13. kieron Gillen Says:

    My singing is sub-par even to my writing.

  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    Perfect! Let’s do this! Do a singing with a little bit of rap in it. If you do, I’ll create a special SILENCE! dance to go with it and we will become sensations.

  15. Gary Lactus Says:

    The project just expanded. Been contacting some other creators and they’re well up for it. Just got David Lloyd’s vocals in. Sounds like Tony Bennet, who knew?! Morrison’s recording his later today, no doubt in his famous Liam Gallagher strains. Turns out Alan Moore has long harboured a deep yen to break out his full on falsetto. He sung a little down the phone to me and he sounds just like a sweet boy. Dan Slott, Brian Bendis, Butch Guice, Paulo Rivera, Jason Aaron and Humberto Ramos are currently rehearsing as their barbershop sextet, The Merry Marvel Melodeers. Exciting times!

  16. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I actually think a Bill Drummond 17-style choir of comics professionals chanting ‘ALL IS SILENCE!’ would be strangely beautiful.

    Wonder who has the best baritone?

  17. Gary Lactus Says:

    Omg you guys! Chris ware has just sent me the most incredible rock vocals. He sounds like Jon bon jovi!

  18. Eyemelt Says:

    That’s not foxing!

  19. Eyemelt Says:

    Although great news about the pants.

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