December 9th, 2015




Roll the dice – move forward 4 steps. You find yourself at the clearing of a large empty podcast. To your right are some dense opinion shrubs. To the left a bubbling pool of judgments. Roll the dice – you decide to ignore both and move forward 8 paces towards the giant floating skull in the centre of the clearing. Roll the dice – you ask it a question: “Where am I?” The skull opens it’s mouth and with a terrifying ear-splitting screech it tells you…”SILENCE!”

<ITEM> And the guest-train keeps on rolling – not content with shattering senses with our senses-shattering Brandon Graham special last week, Gary Lactus, The Beast Must Die and Bobsy are joined by megatronic comics leg-end and all round superchap KIERON GILLEN on this latest pre-festive edition of the internet’s most beloved podcast

<ITEM> Sponsorship, admin, STAR WARS day at Gosh Comics on 12th December, the whole shebang. Meat ‘n’ two veg just the way you like it.

<ITEM> There’s a special exciting celebrity segment as Bobsy’s daughter Junior Bobzone asks Kieron some questions about his Darth Vader comic and Star Wars in general. Have we mentioned Star Wars yet? STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU STAR WAAAAAAAAAARGH

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse once again struggles to contain the multitude of opinions and jibber-jabber, and despite some…interesting technical issues the boys talk up Matt Boyce, Unfollow, The Vision, Paul John Milne, Vertigo, Phonogram, Plutonia, Dr Strange, Daredevil, ET, Paper Girls, Daft Punk, Pretty Deadly, Scott Pilgrim,  Dark Empire, Robots With These Guys and so much more…

<ITEM> The Beast ducks out early and the others shimmy off into the sunset…a mess? By god yes, but what a glorious mess.
<ITEM> *drops mic*

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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #168”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Hello! Cheers for the nice talk about my comic, Guts Power 5, Bobsy! I will be relistening to this for a pullquote for issue 6, if that is an acceptable thing to do?

    My stuff can be found heeeeere:

    I can also say I have read none of the other comics mentioned in this issue of Silence! but enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless. The Reviewniverse song was pretty intense, particularly.

    Looking forward to the new Robots With These Guys podcast,

    best wishes,

    Paul Jon Milne

  2. John Bishop Says:

    Great star-studded line up today, gents! Some very valid Star Wars questions by Bobsy’s minion. I haven’t read a single issue of the new Marvel Star Wars, but heard good things about a few of them. Mr. Gillen has convinced me to try this Vader thing.

    When Bobsy mentioned Waid’s DD I was anticipating a stream of pleasant compliments, not such sadness. Gary Lactus is a man with taste, although I don’t share TBMD’s pure hatred of Foggy. Yes, he’s a pathetic, bumbling cretin, who just gets in the way all the time, but I think I pity him more than hate him.

    I want TBMD to hate something as much as Huck, oh man- that was podcast gold. In fact, time for a re-listen to get me to the end of the shit day I’m having (apart from listening to SILENCE! of course!).

    Digging the work of PJM! Kind of reminds me of Brendan McCarthy and Joe Coleman. SOLD!

  3. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Hey, I said that I’d put a link to that Cybertronic Spree cover didn’t I? And then I didn’t? No big surprises there, but let me rectify that now:

    (John – I kind of want to hate something as much as Huck too. I’m willing to take suggestions for likely candidates…)

  4. Nate A. Says:

    Since we’re sharing youtube videos, I think this is appropriate to the the break away member motif:

    Great episode, even with the technical difficulties. Must have been a nightmare to edit, but it ended up being an entertaining collection of fragments. Your taste in guest hosts is impeccable. Alan Moore is next, right? If not, then perhaps Nick Cave. He’s in Brighton…

  5. Matthew Craig Says:

    Here’s my Cloak and Dagger pitch:

    The Anchor Becomes The Albatross.

    I’m up because I nearly had an anxiety attack, so funnily enough I was working through my Cloaca Daguerre pitch, out loud like. I had to switch to a different idea when I got to the bit where I got aereated about people messing with the tragic perfection – and it is perfection, it is, don’t let anyone tell you it ain’t – of the original Hannigan/Mantlo/Leonardi setup. Honest to god, I have to change the subject right now or risk bringing on the warpspasms.

    Big Ups the Hunktastic Guts Power. Thrills has been sharing art from another comic on The Twitters which has the abstraction and organic energy of a thousand meat-suns. Thrills’ style reminds me of another #GradeMade, yer man Douglas Noble, whose art employs abstraction in a less neurotic, more formal and poetic way. Recc. Complex, The Silent Choir.



  6. Matthew Craig Says:

    Oh, PS: Spiders can detach their palps and leave them, all gametey and startled, right in the lady-spider’s Area, in order to literally cock-block rival suitors who might wanna fertilise a curvy sheracnid™©®. Troub is, to get to the Good Parts, your man Harry The Spider has get right up close to Myrtle’s honking great fang-hole. And she’s always hungry! I mean, jaysis, some of these boys hoy themsel’s in, providng dinner and a winch, all in one romanticidal leap.

    I mean, you would, though, wouldn’t ye.

    This would not necc. be in my Spider-Man pitch document.


  7. Kieron Gillen Says:

    Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a Spider-can, etc.

  8. Accitle Says:

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