September 16th, 2014



<ITEM> Lazy Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 has gone astray – does anyone miss it? Be careful as it could be lurking in your inbox bumping uglies with a particularly virulent phishing scam. In the meantime Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die bring you the yawning chasm of comics kritizism that is…SILENCE!

<ITEM> Sponsor-Shimmy-shimmy-YA!, there’s Jingles, Confusion of the Matts, Quick Strips, Myriad, Cartoon County and a whole sweaty fistful more…

<ITEM> What’s that light in them thar hills? Why that’s the Reviewniverse welcoming foolish prospectors into it’s gaping maw…lucky youse got theboys to light the way…they be talkin’ Space Horse Redux, Wild’s End, Annihilator, Dave McKean photocopying, LA apocalypse narrative, Ms Marvel, Swamp Thing, Justice League Unlimited, Future’s End, Prophet: Strikefile, Terminal Hero, Death of Wolverine, Dark Ages, MPH, Copperhead, Captain Victory, Caliban, Avengers, the general bizarre state of DC Comics and a whole dogpile more…

<ITEM> I CAN SEE THE OTHER SIDE! There’s just time Silence (Because My Mouth Is Full Of Delicious Food), Darren Cullen News, Roberty Bobbity’s Spacehorse Riders and not a jot more.


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16 Responses to “SILENCE! #114”

  1. Derek Says:

    By the Eye, Beast! You clearly haven’t been paying close attention to Proph-anity!

  2. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Too busy having fun with it to pay attention to silly things like plot I guess! Plus I have the short term memory of a feeble junkyard goat.

  3. Thrills Says:

    Joe Casey has not written a single good thing, but he did, in an unintentionally amusing way, make Iceman into himself, Granto/Mob-style, when he wrote X-Men, which mainly involved Iceman becoming a total dickhead in a Hawaiian shirt.

    (I learned this from Wizard magazine, which also featured Joe Casey pretending to surf on a table. He’s in a band and wears shades!)

    I assume his band are made up entirely of people like the fruit-shaker from Wheatus.


    Oh, I really enjoyed that Morrison/Irving comic, when I eventually found it. Forgot its name, TWICE, while looking for it. So generic, name-wise.

    I’m hoping it becomes more like icky telly insect/cock spaceship adventure, Lexx.

    Probably winnae, but.

    PS The ‘Vada’ are called that as they have eyes and can look at people, and ‘vada’ is ‘see’ in auld british gay slang.


    There was a good bit of Bret Easton Ellisy dialogue, I thought, with the first ‘meeting his agent’ scene.

    Bit shitty that the only women in it are dead girlfriends and faceless prostitutes, likes, but what the fuck do I ken? Issue 1, eh.

    Fuck, though, Irving is a great artist. I liked the bit where the Steve Space or whatever he’s called starts to pass out, and the art gets a bit ‘early Fegredo’. Nice to see him work in a different style, if only briefly.

  4. Eyemelt Says:

    I did a quick Google on Casey to see if, indeed he had not written a single good thing. There is a huge list of stuff there, and I have to say I did enjoy the Dark Reign: Zodiac series. But there’s a good chance it was the Nathan Fox art that helped me decide. Otherwise I can’t say a lot of his work was memorable for me.

    Today’s ‘cast highlight for me was TBMD getting so worked up over Millar’s MPH. I love that you hate it so much, please never stop reading it! “disappointingly hideous!” You make me want to read it.


  5. Matthew Craig Says:

    Officer Downe’s good, though, innit? WildCATS? GØdland? Automatic Kafka I heard was good (not on the digi, though. Annoying)?

    More seriously, Codeflesh is great. Superhero bail bondsman? Hell aye. The last chapter/issue is mother’s milk. The associated GN Nixon’s Pals was pretty good, too, in a similar shabby middle-agey superchic way.

    …man, that’s what I wanted to do, isn’t it? Standalone GN-length comics. That was the plan. Flippin’ economics, man. Flippin’ flip.

    I mean, the urchins love the Ben One-Zero, right? And okay, Ultimate Spider-Man is Ultimate I Love Big Brother And Also Too Many Sweets But I Hate School, MAN, but the wee yins watch it. Kinda wanna break into the place where they keep all the tapes and fill the boxes with that episode of Amazing Friends where Spidey puts his friendship with Firestar (and Iceman) ahead of his desperate need to tell her he loves her, but live and let live. TO THE MIGGEDY-MAX, SONN!

    I’m not a million percent fan of reviving everything Kirby had a giant superinked outstretched hand in, but I’m sure the art is scrumptious.

    I have literally the same food every day. Not literally. But yeah. Like one of those shows where some guy only eats the vowels out of Alphabetti Spaghetti. It’s a nightmare.

    No Beanos in Sainsbury’s tonight, so no Politically Incorrect Beano Character Update. Soz. Here’s a new bike for Judge Dredd instead


  6. Thrills Says:

    I’m just a grumpy pumpy, is all, and my opinions have started to have no grey areas. I have enjoyed Casey in the past, I have. He tends to get good artists, at least.

  7. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yes, he can be okay, but his writing pretty much consistently fails to engage me, and I have yet to discern much actual meaning from most if his writing. He’s got good intentions but I just never really click with it. Mind you the wee uns do dig Bennis Tennis so he must be doing something right there

  8. Tam Says:

    Oh No! I really hope Peter Milligan isn’t going a bit bonkers although that does seem to be the general trajectory of too many long term comic writers. I’ve got a copy of his other new series ‘The Names’, haven’t read it yet but hope it’s not so depressing…

    The art in Ms Marvel was lovely, I’m not usually someone who will buy a comic for guest stars, but I’ll make an exception for Lockjaw who’s one of my favorite marvel characters

  9. The Beast Must Die Says:

    I don’t think I know about The Names. Who’s publishing that?

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Vertigo. I missed it too. Picked it up this week though.

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    Lots of copies left in the shop. It will not be around long.

  12. Aaron Says:

    Casey has always seemed like a version of Grant Morrison that readers who think Morrison’s comics are too difficult or “deliberately weird” would enjoy. He’s good at writing so that you feel like something is going on, but the stories are pretty conventional underneath all the Stan Lee stuff. Still, I have more fun reading that stuff than yet another Ed Brubaker crime story.

    And Casey gets credit for rounding up great young artists (Burnham, I think, is one)

  13. Matthew Craig Says:


    It was a quite good Beano. They used the word “boogers” again, but the strips were fine. The Bash Street Kids strip was particularly strong. Poignant, with a sense of wistful mono no aware and future-nostalgia towards adult lives that we know they’ll never see. Revelatory in both what it says about the relationships among the cast and their relationship with reality, Sutherland and (ohcrapIforgothisname) nonetheless hew close to the rambunctious paradigm of the strip, which ends with Spotty taunting Teacher with a woman’s head on a stick.

    Thor’s in there as well. They call him “the almighty Thor,” but he appears to be wearing Superman’s overpants. Guess that’s why he loses Mjolnir.

    All in all, a refreshingly guilt-free The Beano.


  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    Just read it. It’s okay and it’s an 8 issue mini series.

  15. Justin Victor Says:

    I liked Wild’s End more than Dark Ages too. Abnett’s comics writing is a bit hit and miss with me but his Gaunt’s Ghost books for Warhammer 40k are excellent terrifying action pulp-type stuff. They’re like Band of Brothers crossed with Star Wars and Hellraiser. And I say this as someone who has no stake or investment in Warhammer otherwise.

    Re: DC, I’m a long time DC fan who pretty much abandoned them after a year of reading shit nu-52 comics, but I think maybe they’re starting to crawl out of the muck just a little bit. Action Comics has been really fun, Lex Luthor in the Justice League is a neat idea, and the Bat stuff that’s following Morrison’s ideas (Batman and Robin and Grayson) has been suitably strange and engaging. Here’s hoping the few successes aren’t entirely accidental.

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