Two  amazing podcasts!  One explosive post!  All these comics and more!


In #10 we look at the Marvel Heroes Power Lucky Bag that we bought in the pub along with a host of publications found in the recent reordering of the vault.  We select/reject gems/germs like Ultimate Fantastic Four, Mystery Men, Duplex Planet, A1, Hup, and more!

Click to download VOT#10


With #11 we review some recent comics including Wildstorm’s Red Herring#1, Marvel’s Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, DC’s Red Circle: Inferno and Doom Patrol #1. Then, lucky listener we look at some old copies of Buster from 1980 which Tymbus goes on about at such tedious length I’ve had to put a musical bed underneath it to sweeten the shitty pill.

Click to download VOT#11


Here’s the Marvel Heroes Power Lucky Bag Pochette Surprise.  Who the hell is the artist who provides the art for this sort of thing?  WE DON’T LIKE IT!


Bob Burden’s Mystery Men is a keeper. (click to enlarge)


One of the better moments from Duplex Planet.


Here’s a rather restrained piece of Jamie Hewlett from A1


Now this is amazing.  Britain’s very own Spider-Man, from the pages of Buster, we present a whole episode of the Leopard From Lime Street (click to enlarge).


And here’s a nice bit of Leo Baxendale (click to enlarge)


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