March 6th, 2017

With my left hand free and I’m on TV
(Getting the lyrics wrong makes Junior very cross)

What would you do with a squillion dollars?

Imagine a bath full of Kryptonian Shagg Juice. Drifting Gotham’s corners in the ride Batman turned down becaude the mileage was bad. Wearing a power ring jot because you have great willpower, but because you have great ca$h and that’s a lot more cool.

THESE are the questions asked towards the end of this you-might-just-die epicisode of Silence #216

I honestly can’t even. We start I think with a good review from Gary of the new Loganverine movie. He has much feels about the film and it is lovely.

The spoilers in his review actually make the boy bobsy a little upset so be careful out there.

Evench our critiqueonauts enter the Reviewniverse, where they review a lot of comics including Crime Destroyer (a very very good comic), Champions, Hawkeye, America, Royal City, Extremity, Savage Things, CIABatman, Cinema Purgatorio, and possibly some other stuff. I’ve forgotten. No, really I actually think that’s it. It’s a long one. The CIA Batman bit is great and we nearly nearly solve all the world’s problems by distributing Bruce Wayne’s cash. It’s great, we nearly sort it all out but playtime endeth and dinner calls.

Byeee! Love you xxx

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