November 16th, 2016




Look over here! Over here! Don’t look that way, look here! Over here! Look I’m waving my arms around! WOO-HOO! OVER HEEEEEEERE, OVER HE…
Damn. You looked. You saw it. Well don’t say I didn’t try and warn you.Well lookee here it’s a bright shiiiny new SILENCE! crawling from the wreckage. And those rubbery old puppets Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are joined by Clarky T-Bubz, thw surprising new character find of 2016! All here to give you a hot comics injection right up the wazzoo.<ITEM> Things get off to a cracking start with a post-Thought Bubble 2016 de-brief, from the inside out. Panels, parties and somnabulistic botty-rumbles? All here true believers.

<ITEM> Some comics chat in the downhome comforts of The Reviewniverse, with exclusive talk of Motor Crush, discussion of Violent Love, Comic Book Babylon, From Under Mountains, Habitat, 8 House, Stathis’ Picnoleptic Intertia, Ulises Farinas’ Motro and Hitsville UK. And all with a smile on their lips and a flick of the heels.

<ITEM> Bit of the ol’ SILENCE! (Because My Mouth Is Full of Delicious Food), some Lady Lactus and the Galacticats, and more more more.

<ITEM> And you go out BANG! Like a candle.



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