August 31st, 2017



Bit of a change of pace here dear listenoids. While Gary Lactus tutors Little Barry Lactus in the ways of cosmic righteousness, The Beast takes a solo sojourn into the 4-colour wastelands outside your window, till he finds himself knee deep in the comics slurry. There he encounters none other than Tom Oldham, of Breakdown Press and Gosh Comics.

The two proceed to have a nice long chat about the origins of Breakdown Press, and their newest release, the long awaited Good News Bible: The Complete Deadline Strips of Shaky Kane. It’s a rambling, yet laser-focused conversation taking in Deadline, 2000AD, Brett Ewins, Nick Abadzis, Bulletproof Coffin, Connor Willumsen, Fort Thunder, Michel DeForge, Steve Cook, music and comics, Beserker Magazine, Jonathan Chandler, Antoine Cosse, the comics virus, David Quantick, Richard Short, David Hine, Crossed, Worthing and a whole heap more.

It’s two hours of high qualidee chad, and you know you want it.

WARNING: Contains no discussion of My Two Dads


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3 Responses to “SILENCE! #236”

  1. Jonathan Dick Says:

    After I replaced my monocle and cleaned up the tea I spit out after the disclaimer that there would be no discussion of My Two Dads, this was a great episode.

  2. Winty Says:

    Really enjoyed this episode (sorry Gary, nothing to do with you). Never been a fan of Shaky Kane but thanks to the enthusiasm expressed for his work in this podcast, will give him another try. Thanks to Tom Oldham for not only championing British cartoonists but also for his honest “store-view” on what’s currently good (or not

    I, too, think that Giovanni Ribisi’s early work in the seminal “Dads” is worthy of a much needed retrospective.

  3. Tam Says:

    A really enjoyable show. I was never much of a Deadline fan at the time but listening to the talk made me realise just how influential Deadline actually was on the comics around today
    Completely agree 2000AD isn’t what it used to be and has too many journeymen creators but it seems to be going through a much better patch just now despite Gordon Rennie’s tendency to pull in new co writers like the slightly suspiously named Sean Rennie. Judge Dredd is still the best comic around when Wagner’s writing it as he is at the moment

    Took me a surprisingly long time to realise you weren’t referring to putting together a collection of Corbyn’s old work (I had been wondering if there really was much of a market for old essays on the sandanistans). I was also a bit puzzled how I could have failed to realise he was a born again Christian before I realise my foolish mistake

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