May 5th, 2017


Look, don’t stare at me like that. I don’t have a blurb for you ok? I mean it, stop making those sad eyes at me! I ran out of blurbs ages ago and I’m sure as sugar not going to just rustle up something right here and now! I’m not some johnny-come-blurbly! If I choose to do another blurb it’ll be on my terms. I will not be strong-armed or emotionally blackmailed. My blurb, my rules!

The ol’ classic team, back in the game, two for two, in a blaze of dust and feathers. Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die, bringing you a SILENCE! the likes of which you’ve never heard. I mean apart from the previous 222 times of course.

<ITEM> Sponsorhips passing in the night, some truly 1st class admin and a whole lot of kerlassic bants.

<ITEM>SILENCE!…Because The Film Has Started features Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (aka Space Friends 2), Dr Strange and X-Men: Apocalypse (now).

<ITEM>Eventually the pair drag their time-ravaged carcasses into the Reviewniverse, and turn their Care-Bear like love beams towards Coady & The Creepies, Slasher, Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses, American Splendor, Mark Kozelek, Amazon Reviews, Comics International, E for Evolution, Convergence: Shazam and mo’ mo’ mo’ including a very special Joe Decie’s Collecting Sticks Amazon Review review.

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4 Responses to “SILENCE! #223”

  1. James Wheeler Says:

    Total agreemence on Dr Strange – apart from a brief glimpse of the Dark Dimension the visuals were totally uninspiring, and Strange himself being Stark v2 sucks. I always liked the idea that he was a totally different person before and after becoming Sorcerer Supreme – here he’s an unrepentant prick who is deemed worthy of superpowers due to his persistence.

    Had very much hoped to get to SILENCE! Live 2K17, but a work thing has appeared at the last moment. I’m sure I’ll be unengaged enough to log onto periscope…

  2. Jonathan Dick Says:

    One of the things I think that Marvel had managed to do was churn out capable, pulpy movies. And then they made Doctor Strange. I was shocked at how awful it was. They even managed to make Mads Mikkelson boring. Slasher was a finely done comic. The kind of which reminds you why we enjoy the damn things. I really love Evan Shaner’s art and I feel like his talent is wasted on a fucking Hannah-Barbera comic, just my unsolicited opinion. Another highlight on Convergence was Deathstroke having his hands shrunk(seriously Google this) in the Atom series. It is HYSTERICAL.

  3. Billing Says:

    The Dark Dimension, reverse time fight and the Dormammu fight where Dr Strange had to use his intelligence were the only good bit with everything else just re heated iron man also in X-Men Apocalypse which actor wanted to be there less was it Michael Fassbender or Jennifer Lawrence

    The Inhumans at the cinema reminds me of the bit in the Thunderbirds documentary Filmed in Supermarionation where they did the same thing and they thought it would be this huge thing but it failed terribly as watching an episode of the tv show on the big screen wasn’t that interesting

  4. Tam Says:

    Lockjaw was one of the very few characters in the entire marvel universe I wanted to see on the big / small screen so it really doesn’t bode well that he doesn’t appear in the trailer. Ah well, hopefully his canine charm will somehow shine through anyway and we’ll get the Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers adaptation that the world so desperately needs

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