January 26th, 2016




It’s a new life, it’s a new day, it’s a new SILENCE!…and now no-one’s feeling good. Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die coming on like a Seventh sense to bring you a juicy slab of comics punditry. More CLASSIC BANTS than a carful of Clarksons smashing into a real ale festival.

<ITEM> It all starts with champagne. How like life, ha ha ha!!!  Sponsorship, star-spotting, headcannons and all the shiznay you could shake a shizztick at. What lies within the Dunce Tank? Oh and the Galacticats. Of course.

<ITEM> Just the tiniest smidgin of technical bamboozlment, no deliveries and then we’re off at a steady canter towards…

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse shimmers, flexes and allows entry to it’s 4 colour wonders. Under the megascope: Ted McKeever’s Pencilhead, Phonogram, Patsy Walker Hellcat, Mark Millar’s Huck, Injection, Blackball Comics, Blast Furnace, American Monster, Batman and a crank load more.

<ITEM> It’s the Beast’s Birthday!

And that, in a very real sense, is all folks.

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13 Responses to “SILENCE! #173”

  1. John Bishop Says:

    More Huck rage is really good for the soul. Happy birthday TBMD sounds like you really cleaned up in Krypton! I also have that issue of Blackball comics, I think it’s the only one that was released. I bought that and a couple other comics when they came out, I get them all confused- the others being a Bisley Scrapbook and the Monster Massacre special. I quite liked that Max Carnage thing Biz did, but I swear every other comic reprinted the same story. A few years later they released a Max Carnage comic and I was overjoyed until I got home and realised it was the same fucking story yet again. And no second issue.

    And I also received my copy of Blast Furnace, it truly is a wonder of comic improvisation. And a lovely little book as well. Gary Lactus, was your envelope also ripped asunder? It sounds like it was a common mishap.

    Till next time fellows.

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Slightly damaged corner but contents absolutely fine.

  3. tam Says:

    Haven’t listened to the show yet but just to mention that I thought both issues of The Cleaner were the most likeable things I’ve read for a long time.
    Less whiney than Harvey Pekar’s American Splendour and better cleaning ‘money shots’ than Raymond Briggs’ Gentleman Jim!

    I’m not usually a fan of autobiographical comics because they’re too arch and/or precious but these completely avoided those traps, had loads of charm and people’s jobs are always interesting to read about.
    And afterwards gave it to a mate who’d never ever heard of that Fraser Geesin bloke and he really liked it too. Anyone who enjoys Silence! is bound to like it. Throughly recommended!

  4. Tim B Says:

    In my head cannon the preliminary talk about how various denziens of this world can appear in the Reviewniverse actually acted as the singing entrance to the Reviewniverse and you didn’t just forget, either that or the singing exit at the end was actually the exit from a previous episode where you hadn’t sung so were finally exited properly and the intervening episodes had all been nested in the Reviewniverse. I really need to get out more…

    Anyhoo happy birthday TBMD, I can only assume it was your birthday wish to get on the cover blurb of the Huck TPB. Re the artists dilemma, may be the comics we get are after his collaboraters have managed to do as much polishing of MillAAr’s mind droppings as they can…

    My copy of Blast Furnace arrived pretty much fine, a slight crumpling in the very top of the back cover & very slight folding on the top of the first couple of pages but fine apart from that. My biggest dilemma right now is where to put the sticker it came with…

    If memory serves me right in the 11 O’clock Comics episode he was on when he launched the Kickstarter Browne did say that it was his intention to order a larger print run than the backers because of economies of scale as a self-published venture he’d have stock he could sell either at conventions or online so picking up a copy shouldn’t be an issue I’d imagine.

  5. Thrills Says:

    As you were talking about Huck and how the artist has to take some of the blame, I found myself thinking “I wonder if I’d take the job if I was asked”, and then the podcast also broached that question!

    The answer is: Me as I am now, I probably would as I like money and my scribbles’d look hilarious on a big-name comic.

    HOWEVER if I could draw at the level where I was ACTUALLY approached to do a Big Millahr Project, I’d probably also be able to find comics work elsewhere, and so NO, I WOULD NOT DRAW HUCK.

    I like the idea that Successful Me has integrity, but Loser Me does not.


    I loved the Huck rant. It sounds like a complete turd of a comic.

    Gonnae look into Blast Furnace. I enjoyed the descriptions of things that happen in it.

    And happy birthday, The Beast Must Die! Hopefully you’ve been given a lovely new headcannon to parade around wearing.

  6. Daniel S Says:

    The Beast Must Die, I actually believed your change of heart statement for Huck for a moment and I was utterly broken and down.

    I hate the series but seem to be surrounded in my community and most podcasts by pure love for the tripe and was worried you, the voice of reason, had switched teams.

    Lovely podcast both of you, as always. Happy birthday TBMD!



  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    I too was taken in by The Beast Must Die’s amusing ruse, the cheeky birthday prankster.

  8. Nate A. Says:

    Although I have no idea what was on Liefeld’s mind when he named the character, “The Dead Pool” was the title of the last Dirty Harry movie. The titular Dead Pool was a betting ring in which gamblers wagered on the deaths of celebrities and Hollywood types. So, even if the comic character’s name comes from that movie, this only adds to the confusion.

  9. Thrills Says:

    I learned at Thought Bubble that Deadpool is called that as the secret government dickhead base where he was experimented on, the guards would place bets on which subject’d die next. He survived their ‘dead pools’ and so took it as his name.

    Would make more sense if he just liked the Dirty Harry film, what with his “LOLZERZ pop culture references” deal.

  10. Nate A. Says:

    It’s possible that the offcial reason is retroactive a la GMozz’s Weapon X/10, too. But I’m too lazy to google.

  11. Gary Lactus Says:

    Whatever the origins, Dead poo is a grate character and I’m super syched for the film which will be brilliant just like Deadpoo

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