January 20th, 2016



In this innovative episode we find a hitherto undiscovered technical issue which means The Beast Must Die literally phones it this week. Nevertheless we manage to squeeze out a firm nugget of podcast gold. This is the equivalent of when a band releases it’s early demos, home recordings and the sounds of them farting om the bath and all the fans have to pretend that it’s really their favourite record, even though they miss the sheen and polish of the studio more than they could ever say and they force themselves to listen repeatedly through gritted teeth out of some ill-judged sense of loyalty and integrity even though the cold universe neither knows nor cares.

It’s like that. Are you ready to be heartbroken? Yes? OK then come join

<ITEM>Admin, admin getcha admin. Plus the technical problems rear their head.

<ITEM> Top new section ‘SILENCE! whilst we see if my cats sound like Chewbacca‏!’

<ITEM> What would YOUR Lynx fragrance be and why and how but mostly why?

<ITEM> Mark E. Smith’s forthcoming swing album

<ITEM> Reviewniverse hott and sexxxxy action. Multi-formats! Variable sound quality! The boys soldiering on like…soldiers recording a comics podcast? Talking All New All Different Avengers, Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses, X-Force, Epic Illustrated, Star Lord, Lobo: Convention Special, Animal Man, All New All Different X-Men, Snow Blind and so, so much more whilst somehow so much less.

<ITEM> Sorry!
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7 Responses to “SILENCE! #172”

  1. Gabe Says:

    In light of the events in secret wars #9, can we all agree that everyone should carry a hamburger in their pocket at all times, on the off chance you could run into an omnipotent being powering the world as we know it?

  2. Tim B Says:

    My Lynx would be Lynx Schadenfreude, the blurb, ‘May be some moral turpitude will help you enjoy a brief respite in the relentless death march of late stage capitalism’, the logo, an opalescent breeze block half submerged in an urban canal under a sickly orange sky.

    Re Secret Wars, of course everyone should continue to refer to the main Marvel Universe as the 616, not this Earth Prime gubbins they seem to be foisting on us.

    Re The Rob, can we Brits pronounce his surname wrong like Yanks seem to be unable to pronounce ‘Millar’ & Constantine.

  3. Zodiac Firebroom Says:

    Another great podcast guys,can’t wait to hear what delivery The Beast Must Die will take in the middle of next week’s episode.

  4. tam Says:

    The lack of new comics from TBMD didn’t really bother me. Personally I’d be just as happy hearing you talk aboout older comics or rereadings as new ones.

    Excellent Chewbacca feature, combining cats and wookies, two of my very favorite things. I had no desire to see the new Star Wars films but I do think (subtitled) Planet of the Wookies film has the potential to be the best thing since Citizen Kane.

    Also, at the risk of sounding like a drug pusher, have you tried the galacticats on the Coshida ‘cat heroin’ meat sticks they sell at Lidl? Don’t know (or want to) know what they put in them but cats REALLY seem to crave them…

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    Well, it’s an Aldi which happens to be nearest our spaceship so I’ll keep an eye out for an equivalent cat treat there before making a pilgrimage to Lidl. Thanks for the top tip, Tam!

  6. John Bishop Says:

    LOVE the Mark E Smith intro, gents!

    HATED Twiki’s bowlcut, it reminded me of a boy at school called Robin, and I hated him as well.

    Cat noise sort of reminded me of TIE fighters at some point.

    LYNX, I was in Mexico and they had a knockoff/foreign version of Lynx called ‘Axe’. My preferred ‘flavour’… MANIAC. I wonder what marketing bod planned that one out? “mmmm, smells like AXE MANIAC.”


  7. Thrills Says:

    Axe is what it’s called in the Americas, I think? Seen it referenced disparagingly in a way that suggests it’s their cultural equivalent of Lynx, anyway.

    My favourite part of this podcast was the hyper-purple sci fi comic captions, incidentally. They sound like a treat, but also completely unreadable.

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