March 2nd, 2015

Your stare was holding, Ripped jeans, Skin was showing, Hot night, Wind was blowing, Where you think you’re going baby?

Right then. Gary Lactus here. I’ve just had a right old fuckabout with technology and I’ll be damned if I’m going to put any effort into writing a blurb for you right now. I’m halfway through a crème brulee and would much rather be giving it my full attention. So what I’m going to do now is list what happened.

The Beast Must Die couldn’t make it so I got folks to Skype in.

David “You Wynne Again” Wynne phoned and we talked Super Con, Criminal Special Edition, Southern Bastards, ODY-C and D4VE.

Al “What Are You Doing” Ewing got in touch and we spoke of Friends Of Ham, Uber, Satellite Sam, Hickman’s Avengers, American Tabloid, American Telly and British Funny Telly.

That’ll do. I have finished my crème brulee and want a bath now. A SPACE BATH in my SPACESHIP IN SPACE!

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4 Responses to “SILENCE! #133”

  1. tam Says:

    Ellroy’s American Tabloid is really, really good. Dense, vivid, well researched and very personal. Probably the best thing he’ll ever write. I’m surprised you don’t see more of his influence in comic books aside from (surprise!) the way he handles nasty violence.
    The Ellroyest comic I’ve read is definitely Garth Ennis’ The Boys which was a bit hit and miss, (apparently it was originally meant to be about half the length and you can see the flab) but did a pretty good job on telling the hidden history of 20th century USA and doing the same sort of thing with Superheroes as Ellroy did with JFK and Camelot
    Even if you can’t be arsed to read his stuff it’s worth finding a podcast interview with him, partly because he’s an interesting chap but also because he’s got a really wonderful voice, up there with Kelsey Grammar.

    2000 AD was great this week. Not only was the art in Dark Justice even better than usual, we FINALLY found out the incredibly horrible reason why Mr 10%, the head of Robusters had a robot body. Between Zenith, Dark Justice and now this, I’m starting to get the impression 2000 AD have some sort of vendetta against Richard Branson

  2. Ales Kot Says:

    Ellroy is a huge influence on Zero. And some other stuff that’s happening from my fingers.

  3. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    I know it’s been a good podcast when we get a mention of poo and a giant alien penis. Top work, Mr. Lactus and co. I do enjoy these SILENCE! Team-up issues.

  4. Thrills Says:

    I’ve never gone into Friends of Ham, as it is always packed to the gills (do pigs have gills?) with young winners. By ‘Always’ I mean ‘the two times I’ve been to Leeeds’.

    Good guests, once again! I like how regularly Al Ewing appears. “Ewing Again”, on the David Wynne BeeGees ‘tip’.

    PS I always think of Al Ewing as a drunken Decepticon called ‘AleWing’

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