January 23rd, 2015


Oh well. you turn your back for 10 minutes and all the little piggies find themselves a NEW podcast to listen to. I bet this podcast has shiny baubles, trinkets and doodads that would make any listener turn it’s head… well let me ask you this dear listener, WHO LOVES YOU, AND WHO DO YOU LOVE???

SILENCE! that’s who. And just because Christmas sauntered into New Year like a saucy minx wandering into a sauce factory, and just because REAL. LIFE. JUST GOT REAL…do you think that makes it okay to just flip your wig for the nearest podcast that shakes it’s little tail-feather in your general direction??? Well do ya pilgrim? Whatever happened to HONESTY? INTEGRITY? INNERCITY (Good life, good life, good life, good life…goood life!)??? WELL?

Oh look I don’t know. I’m just paid to write this shit by the hour, and let me tell you the hourly rate ain’t great. So you get what you been given. And that’s a medium slice of podcast served up with a good dose of sass!

Gary Lactus & the Beast Must Die are here to guide you through the latest 4-colour mission pamphlets….so grab your Leiderhosen and letsbe avenue…

<ITEM> Relax ev’ryone..The OL’ SPONSORSHIP is here. And it’ just as scintillating as you remember. Somehow the pair find time for a discussion of Marvel Soooperhero films,and Alan Moore synchronicities.

<ITEM> What’s that coming out of the woods, it’s THE REVIEWNIVERSE! feat. The Humans, 2000AD, The Thrillcast, Colin McNeil, Chopper, Gore, The Dark judges, Judge Anderson, Savage, The Winter Soldier, Jupiter’s Legacy, Batman, Colin Hoult, N.Kanan’s Exit, Daredevil and just a bit more

<ITEM> Just time to big up Graeme & Jeff’s Baxter Building FF podcast and then it’s home for scones and dead badger pancakes. Ta ta!

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8 Responses to “SILENCE #128”

  1. Craig Says:

    Lovely to have you back in my ears! Arthur Ranson ‘Judi Denched’ Judge Anderson for a while, but no other artist seems to take her actual age into account. Maybe Debbie Harry’s current look would be a good point of reference, as I think Anderson’s original appearance was based on her.

  2. Thrills Says:

    Yeah, Ranson Anderson is the best Anderson. Current Debbie Harry Anderson would be cool as fuck, really, and would lend her the gravitas she deserves.

    As a follower of the 2000AD Facebook page, the comments from people regarding Anderson being hott and such remind me that they are unlikely to let her age, and that as much as I love 2000AD I will never identify with the audience that keeps it afloat, and their Scrapheap Challenge lifestyles.

    Started listening to the Thrillcast, and it was a biiit too ‘straight’, which is fair enough, given that it’s advertising the new releases and presented by the ‘PR Droid’ (who actually seems a lovely and decent chap). Might go back and listen to the Colin Macneil bit tomorrow, as I never made it that far.

    Ocht! But aye, what about that Pat Mills ‘Visible Man’ story in the 2014 prog? (Or is it the 2015 prog? I can’t remember). Maybe one of the worst comics I’ve read in recent memory. Pat Mills clumsy ‘satire’ where the punchline is “oh hey the Catholic priest is a child molester”, as if that’s a hard-hitting and clever observation. Witless, tone-deaf dogshit. I fully expect him to go the Full Frank Miller in the near future, or at least become the More Reactionary Garth Ennis With Better Sci-Fi Concepts.

    Speaking of which, I gather from the latest Moore Crossed that Ennis wants to make a Crossed telly show. The worst idea of all time?

  3. Thrills Says:

    Mmmm. Friday night booze. Sorry.

  4. Matthew Craig Says:

    How’s the Big Grin gonnae franchise out his Jupiter’s Cheggersy with all this Wachowski business?

    I could imagine a Black Mirror-style event where hordes of chop-faced dangers tear their way through another programme, or programmes. Like that Too Many Cooks thing, you’d have a whole evening of shows, starting off normal, then inserting a biter here, a burning horse there, gradually getting more frightening, gradually getting more violent, show by show, advert by advert, the Safestyle Man’s rictus now a mandibless hash, until, until, until.

    Until Paddy and Marlon eat each other from top to toe.

    Oh! I’m referring to the Crossed TV idea. Not just thinking out loud.

    Homogeny is the word for the Marv-o-movies. Same structure, same conflicts, same fabric. This Is What They – No, wait, ha ha. The word…is “uniform.”

    snap snap


    I read a load of comics this week. Alas and alack, I have foresworn discussion of Me Favrit as a New Year’s Resie, so I can only say that it was weird as hell to see a “Green Cross Code”-style H&S warning dropped literally into the middle of a ’50s MarvelMan strip, that the MiracleMannual was weak, that somehow or other the people making the Beano have been playing the Long Game viz a vie the town being built on a foundation of secrets across generations, and that one can be shocked by a non-page turn Panel One surprise if it comes out of a wicked enough place.

    Ooh, and that America collection was boss, as well. Hadn’t read all of it before, but while the later stuff was a bit of a tight fit, there were moments of real strength, pathos and humour. Seriously, I think I actually laughed out loud!

    I’d love to see them try and make Chop work in the Karl Urban context. I mean that most sincerely. The MacNeil Chopper stories were some of my favourites of that era. The Tooth’s equivalent of Transies’ Geoff Senior. Haven’t actually read the original strips, yet. *creys*


  5. tam Says:

    Dark Justice is hotting up nicely now. I’m most curious to know what’s happened to PJ Maybe, the fun thing about Wagner’s writing is that you know it’s equally possible he’s been casually killed or will end up becoming the hero of the story. Middle aged Anderson resembling Mrs Mcclusky would’ve been brilliant.

    2000 AD is going through one of its better periods. I like their confidence in having three black and white strips which all look pretty good. Also satisfying to see the Volgons finally driven out of Britain in Savage finally resolving a plot from prog 1 which came out thirty eight years ago. This must be some kind of record…

  6. Matthew Craig Says:

    PS: Iceman is an accountant.

    PPS: Middle-aged Anderson (any Anderson, really) = Glynis Barber.


  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Glynis Barber is a good call. It could be drawn by whoever did the strips in the Dempsey and Makepeace annuals.

  8. tam Says:

    Hadn’t heard of Glynis Barber until just now, but she’s a dead ringer for Anderson! she’s got just the right facial expressions too…

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