April 3rd, 2013




Please Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 don’t hurt ‘em! Sorry fleshy ones I cannot promise this. Let’s just say that for the duration of this blurb I promise not to burn out your retinas or strip-mine your DNA. ‘Kay? Kay.

So everyone put down your pens/phones/rail guns and point your ears towards the internet, and listen to those animal men Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die,  as we circle the drain that is…SILENCE!

<ITEM> The SILENCE! News has some VERY SERIOUS matters of which you need to pay attention – the future of SILENCE! depends on it. With those greasy capitalist hams Gary Lactenberg & Danny Beastman.

<ITEM> Full fathom five, as we plunge neck, teeth and hips first into the Reviewniverse as the pair tackle Timewarp, East of West, Age of Ultron, BPRD: Vampire, Batman Inc, FF, Wolverine & The X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, Young Avengers, Fury, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Hawkman, Crossed: Badlands, Fatale and Mr X. With added digressions over the M-Word, VHS Rental shops and Lucio Fulci.

<ITEM> Well isn’t that a treat fleshy ones? Aren’t you glad you stopped looking at pornography to read this? (Personally Disembodied Narratorbot X-15735 finds the sight of meatsacks bashing against each other immensely settling. The sensual curve of a sine wave is far more erotic. Or a ZX-Spectrum in suspenders.

click to download SILENCE!#56 .

SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the two greatest comics shops on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton and GOSH COMICS of London.

17 Responses to “SILENCE! #56”

  1. Cass Says:

    I’m not going to go on the Bendis rant, since everyone’s heard it before, but I want to say this: it is almost a practical impossibility for Bendis to write a great comic in 2013. His schedule makes it impossible for him to spend more than a day or two on any script (he has countless side jobs in addition to the 10+ comics he writes every month). Even an exceptional writer would struggle to keep that schedule without getting sloppy or recycling ideas.

  2. Zig Zag Zig Says:

    Money for you!

  3. mad_arab Says:

    Don’t take away my SILENCE!

  4. Zig Zag Zig Says:

    By the way, this episode hasn’t hit iTunes in Canada yet. Perhaps it hasn’t hit iTunes in other places?

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    I know! What a time for things to fuck up. I have written to our pod hosts and iTunes but nothing yet. Perhaps if more people hassle iTunes via the “report a concern” option “Having trouble downloading episodes” or some such then they’ll sort it out. ANNOYING!!

  6. Georgie Says:

    Good luck with the pledge drive!

    Have donated what I can, hope it helps.

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Cheers Georgie! Very generous of you thanks. We have many special songs and jingles to do.

  8. tam Says:

    chaps, you ought to add a mp3 extension to your download file; my kindle gets really uppity when it’s not there…

  9. tam Says:

    I lived in Brighton for a bit as well, so I also enjoyed the imaginative pier decorations in the latest issue of Crossed.
    By the way, speaking of Garth Ennis, (as I often like to to) I got the last volume of The Boys recently but decided to reread the rest of the series before I read the finale.
    It’s one of the most uneven stories I’ve ever read with loads of great bits but loads of filler too. But what I belatedly noticed was that Billy Butcher is basically Bill Savage and the whole strip is, in some ways, an affectionate tribute to the ethos of early 2000 AD, which makes me appreciate it more…

  10. Thrills Says:

    The eye person from Wolverine and the X-Men reminds me of Jason Aaron’s take on ‘The Orb’ in his fantastic Ghost Rider run (maybe my favourite Marvel comic since Granto’s New X-Men). The Orb, who has a giant eyeball for a head, Residents-style, stands on a Death Wishy trap and gets a plank with nails in stuck in his face/cornea. Fucking horrible, and up until then I assumed it was a hat, not just an actual big eyeball. It made me consider all manners of horrible impracticalities of having a giant eyeball for a head, mainly getting grit and sand in it.

    Important themes.

    I totally know the feeling of seeing/hearing other people’s comics opinions, and feeling like I’m not ‘getting’ something. Just the other day some people I know were discussing hating Grant Morrison, and also how Prophet is such a bad comic they want their money back, and I just find those opinions so at odds with my own feelings, that I can’t really discuss comics with them as we obviously come at them from completely different angles. Also: Johns and Hickman, I just can’t care about them, but I’ve triiied.

    I am, however, a big fan of the Silence! reviewing ‘style’ of mainly talking about things that are more interesting than what they are supposed to be reviewing, and shall try and chuck a few token, useless pounds your way once I have any sort of disposable income (hopefully in the next week). Silence! Is one of the few comics podcasts I listen to that is actively good to listen to, and not merely tolerable.

    High praise!

  11. abutt Says:

    The only comics podcast I listen to on a regular basis and my primary source of recommendations for good comics. Happy to offer up some pounds to show my appreciation!

  12. A Dangerous Romance Says:

    Want drawing of Batpoop.

  13. Eyemelt Says:

    You want us to pay for the privilege of listening to your ear-splitting racket? I don’t even like it. I only listen to it because I regularly accidentally stumble onto your site. Ah well, I suppose it will save some money you can put towards the comics you review every week. Hang on a minute.


  14. Eyemelt Says:

    *throws out of date foreign coin into flatcap*

  15. The Beast Must Die Says:

    *sound of Gary & The Beast scrabbling on the floor around the catflap, growling at each other*

  16. Illusionator Says:

    Made a tiny donation, completely forgot the details so all you’ll have is my wife’s name as it’s her Paypal. Sing her something nice in the style of Cud (she’s Elizabeth (known as Beth) Ward)

  17. Dan Says:

    I’m a bit behind, so I finally heard your plea for cash. Donated today. Hope it wasn’t too late to save the show…always showing up late…

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