SILENCE! podcast #8

March 28th, 2012


Wait… sorry, where am I? Who are you people? WHERE AM I!?

Welcome then weary mortal to the 8th soul-scorching episode of the podcast that the internet is calling ‘a podcast about comics’. The Beast is back in continuity and living it up as super-powered *ahem* teenager in the 30th Century. Lactus, meanwhile, unveils his mighty Rock EPIC ‘Who He Is, And How He Came To Be’. Quake weaklings!

After the abortive SILENCE! news they hurl themselves face first into the morass of weekly comics, taking in Snyder and Capullo’s Owl Comics no.7, Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child no.1, the always swell Prophet (with a minor Jonathan Lethem digression) , Secret History of DB Cooper (again), Justice League Jeans and the Jeansification of Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman no.7, Amazing Spiderman something-or-other, The absolutely awesome sounding Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 (REALITY!). Lactus reaffirms his love of superhero dinners once again and the Beast compares Rocketeer Adventures to Band Aid. Then, in You Should Have Known Better, they tackle Mark Millar’s latest pitch Supercrooks. Following that The Beast froths about his bargain-filled week and talks up Chaykin & Garcia Lopez’s Twilight, Carol Swain and the simple beauty of Schulz’s Peanuts (always with his finger on the pulse this Beast!). Factor in a trawl through next week’s comics shizzle and you have a fat fist full of comics meat shoved right in your facehole. Suck it in you filthy rabble.

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14 Responses to “SILENCE! podcast #8”

  1. mad_arab Says:

    Hahahaha steve trevor IS an overly douchey name.

  2. Ad Mindless Says:

    Don’t know if you’re from the England, Arab, but assuming you’re not, Steve Trevor also (uncharitably) connotes dumb, small town blokes interested cars, drinking, “birds” and being wankers. When I was growing up chaps fitting that stereotype were often called Steve… and Trevor. Hence “Trevor” and “Trev” being routinely used as shorthand for a certain kind of fella.

  3. igmus Says:

    Very disappointed in the lack of news coverage on this episode. Marvel seems to be hinting that there MAY be a crossover between 616 Spidey and Ultimate Spidey–and it’s going to be written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, so less! How could this earth-shattering news-tease, which seems fit to split not one but TWO different realities, fail to register on the Silence radar?! Did you see the image in which Marvel filled in one of the two mysterious silhouettes with the 616 Spidey!!?? The anticipation of who the second silhouette could be is KILLING ME!

    Currently, a quick look at CBR shows the top headline news item to be an announcement that Resurrection Man and Suicide Suicide squad will have a crossover in May! Hope you guys don’t overlook this nugget of awesome! It’s news like this that makes staying alive seem worth it.

    Good show, though.

    My favorite part of Owls #7 was when Batman explained that Dick had to be a Talon-in-waiting because ancient gladiators were often accompanied by circus people. This airtight reasoning is why Snyder is #1 in my book. But the bit with Bruce knowing exactly which tooth hid the Owl thingy, and just how to punch Dick to knock the tooth clear out, was pretty great too. Not even Morrison’s Bat-God could have figured all that out.

    Honestly, though, like a growing number of readers, I still have fun with “Batman” but am put off by constant little things in the writing. Snyder’s flaws are beginning to seem kind of unintentionally endearing, though. So that’s nice.

  4. Ad Mindless Says:

    That’s what, seven or eight issues of owl shit?

    That’s the fucking problem right there.

  5. themadarab Says:

    No, I’m actually an Arab from Arabia, but even I can see the dumb-blokeyness inherent in both names.

    Either way I laughed very hard, and thank you for that little cultural insight.

  6. tam Says:

    I love Peanuts. We used to have a lot of American educational textbooks around when I was a kid; they were always more interesting and less stuffy than the equivalent British ones and they’d often use Peanuts (or BC) strips to make their points, which made you aware what a smart strip it could be.

    Another great show. BTW you’re really getting the hang of saying ‘SILENCE’ in perfect sync these days!

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thanks Tam. It’s actually quite tricky to say SILENCE! at the same time what with the Skype delay and the pressures of international narrowcasting but this week’s synced SILENCE! was by far the thing of which I am most proud of in all my life ever.

  8. Thrills Says:

    Wow, that art on Twilight is certainly something. I often forget how good Jose Luis Garcia Lopez is…

    Peanuts, as well! I’ve got the 1953-54 collection, and it has a level of quiet misery that is both adorable and harrowing. And Snoopy did indeed look ace back then.

  9. KR Says:

    Twilight is indeed great; I knew next to nothing about the characters and enjoyed it immensely. A nice bit of world-building from Chaykin, especially when paired with his and Mignola’s ‘Ironwolf’ GN, which ties in without being dependent.

  10. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Yah – Ironwolf era Mignola might be my favourite incarnation too.

  11. Zodiac Firebroom Says:

    Favorite SILENCE!News yet. Less research next time please

  12. amypoodle Says:

    You’ll be very disappointed this time around. Meticulous research.

  13. Ad Mindless Says:

    Lactus actually assured us that he would look at his computer screen

  14. Illogical Volume Says:

    I’m late listening to this, great show as always so far, but Justice League sounds like high gash, Steve Trevor and his love of instant coffee aside.

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