With our gift giving over but spirits still high, Zom pipes up about the problems with continuity using X-Men Regenesis # 1 as a starting point.  Conversation drifts to many areas including DC’s New 52, 2000AD and more, ending with a whole lot of talk about just how great Judge Dredd is.  Speaking of which, here’s a panel by Garth Ennis and Glen Fabry from the Dredd tale, Talkback.

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  1. Igmus Says:

    Neither Dredd nor punk were reactions to Thatcher. Dredd was created years before the Iron Lady took office. And any historically accurate punk documentary will show the alienation of British youth juxtaposed with the mess that the Labour govt was presiding over in the mid-to-late ’70s.

    Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m no fan of Thatcher (or Labour, for that matter). I do think that both Dredd and punk did continue to form and evolve in very important ways under the Thatcher regime. She served as a great counterpoint for years. But it’s just not accurate to try to blame (or give credit?) to the Tories for messing up in ways that necessitated Dredd and punk.

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