February 9th, 2016




What is that thing? Wait a minute that’s disgusting. But nonetheless there it is. There it is indeed, sat in the corner looking at you. What the hell is it? Who does it think it is? Does anyone know? Can anyone tell me? Wait a minute…it’s opening it’s mouth. God, look at it’s teeth, they’re like tombstones in a haunted graveyard. Revolting. I’m disgusted. I shan’t pay it a second more of my attention. I’m turning the other way. I’m looking away. How dare that thing ruin my day with it’s…OH GOD IT’S IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN… IT’S ON MY FACE, IT’S TRYING TO BITE MY EYES…WHAT IZZZZZ IT….!??

It’s SILENCE! of course. And Jumpin’ Jiminy Crizzmass it’s a podcast that comes to you by the skin of the hair on it’s teeth…. Not to spoil anything but Gary Lactus deserves a medal for being here for this one, but we’ll let him tell that particular tale. It’s all part of the podcast that walks like a baboon but think it’s a fancy country squire.

<ITEM> Traumatic Life Event! Star-studded Sponsorship! Guest-filled admin! SMASH! Biblical references! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

<ITEM>But always rely on the Reviewniverse to clasp you to its multi-coloured breast and feed you nurturing comics juice.  Along with the Liefeld of the Land, we have Code Pru, The Eighthe Seal, Paper Girls, Saga, Uber, Mercury Heat, Klaus, Johnny Red, Battle, Battle Action Force, Storm Force and a whole hootenanny more.

Now come on. We’ve all had a bit too much excitemence. Let’s grab some ginger tea and have a nice sit down. Shhhh!

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10 Responses to “SILENCE! #175”

  1. Tam Says:

    Yikes! That’s shocking! Very relieved to hear the galacticats and their feeders are all fine… Gary’s definitely in contention for this year’s ‘keep calm and carry on podcasting’ award.

    Completely agree about Uber. It has its flaws (like the functional art) but it captures the fact that WW2 really was a world war which is something very unusual in fiction.

    It’s compulsive reading where you really want to know what’s going to happen next and the last episode had the best ‘f*** yeah!’ Moment (featuring a historical character) I’ve seen for ages.

  2. bobsy Says:

    I actually had that weird thing listening to the Liefeld of the Land where I recognised instantly the bit it came from and could see the panels IN MY EYES!

    Beast is right – the lad Sauron there is exclamatingly! pleased that he has hands rather than the claws/wings thing he normally has.

  3. Thrills Says:

    Shit, that is horrid about your house, Gary Lactus! Good to hear your family unit is unharmed and here’s hoping it’s resolved soon! Cripes.

    Liefeld of the Land is great stuff, a reminder that a ‘good’ comic is not necessarily a ‘good’ comic. Or summat. Give me glorious ’91 X-trash over The New Competency of yer modern superhero comics any day.

    Regarding b+w comics, I reckon there’s a whole ton of forgotten late-90s stuff that could be salvaged by reprinting them in black and white, shorn of the grotesque computer colouring of the time.

    I reckon 98% of modern comics’d look better in black and white, really.

    PS I’ve always pronounced it ‘ether’ but then for ages I’d only ever seen it written down, so didn’t know it’s supposed to pronounced ‘ether’

  4. Tim B. Says:

    Cripes!!! good to see that no one was hurt.

    Re ‘Ether’ if you’re going to insist on pronouncing it the wrong way you really need to commit on the first syllable.

    Yeah, agree with Thrills, a great comic doesn’t need to be good. As someone who was reading X-men comics from the 80s-early 00s but due to budgetary & taste considerations largely was aware of The Rob’s work but never actually read it the Lie of the Land is top-notch. Genuinely don’t know if the feature would be improved or worsened by including scans of the work discussed in the post, part of me thinks it’s better if my imagination sums up the platonic Liefeld sequence from the description given, then again occasional scans would be nice too, but if I type ‘Liefeld’ into a search engine I’m sure I can be sated.

    ICYMI (as the cool kids say) Gillen & McKelvie were interviewed on the latest (#82) Scoobius Pip Distraction Pieces podcast.Touches base on all their work, both together & solo. Some very good Uber and Vadar talk.

  5. John Bishop Says:

    Gary Lactus, hope you get your spaceship wall fixed soon! That is one major life turd. Much respect and admiration for you soldiering on and recording the poddy. THANKS!

    I don’t really remember Storm Force, the army comics were a bit too ‘ard for me. I had a couple, but it wasn’t until years later I could give them the true respect and admiration they deserve. I do remember though, the first issue of Action Force had a free Action Force figure on the cover, and buying a bunch of them. SAS man with funny pose, or Deep sea Diver with no glass in his helmet and funny pose.

    SMASH was great, I spotted TBMD, but had to dash off before saying hello. If anyone was thinking of going, do it next time. FUN!

    And it’s ‘ether’ obvs.

  6. James Wheeler Says:

    Hot damn, wishing structural integrity for you and yours, Gary Lactus.

  7. Cass Says:

    Sorry, I know this will sting, but Beast’s pronunciation of “ether” struck me as Gaiman-esque.

    Come hither to me, O Dream, from the other side of the the ether. An angel, clad in a thought, wearing nary a feather.

  8. James Says:

    It’s neither ether nor ether, but either ether or ether is fine.

    Thrills – Reading Ladronn’s legendary Cable run a year or two ago, I really hoped they’d start doing b+w Essential collections of that series (hey, they did Wolverine up to 2000!) because the colouring was really bad.

    I’m presently gathering b+w volumes of Bone (thanks, Gosh! January sale) – the coloured editions are fine, but feel diminished all the same.

  9. Derek Says:

    Sorry for your troubles, Gary. I’m glad your comics are okay.

    And Lady Lactus and the Galacticats.

    Yes, I am happy that your loved ones were not harmed as well. I am a human being with normal human feelings.

  10. Thrills Says:

    James, yeah that Ladronn Cable stuff is a prime example! It still looks good despite the colouring, but imagine how great it COULD look! Aaaargh. The -1 Flashback issue looks nice, though, with a vague attempt at old-style colouring.

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