For the second year running, the Mindless Ones will be hawking their tawdry wares at the Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds.

We’ll be at table 46 in the recently renamed New Dock Hall, so feel free to stop by for headtouching and pishtalk if you’re at the convention!

Last year’s convention was generally agreed to be one of the best comics related gatherings that Team Mindless had ever attended, so we’re coming team handed this year.

Cick here to find out quite how many hands our team is likely to have!

CINDY & BISCUIT no. 2 is here!

February 29th, 2012

Okay, it’s finally done – 44 pages of comics goodness, featuring everyone’s favourite angry little girl and her dog!

£3.50 (+p&P) – head over to the Shop at Milk The Cat to purchase:


Please note – tt’s available (along with all my other stuff) to overseas readers too – check out the postage  details  over at Milk The Cat

Features the stories Cindy & Biscuit and the Secrets of Summer, Biscuit Beyond (as seen right here), the epic 18 page Cindy vs The Sea, Cindy & Biscuit and the Snowman and Excerpts from Cindy’s Diary.

I really am super-pleased with this. It’s the best comics work I’ve ever done and ,after the great reception the first issue got, I’m hoping you’re going to love it too.

Click below for some teaser images…

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Dream Date Preview !!!!!!!

November 27th, 2008

Who would be your



The book, Dream Date by Fraser Geesin and Tim Leopard will be out on the 9th of December from Running Water Press. To pre-order copies for the knock-down price of £3 (rrp £4.99), send an Email stating your name and how many copies you want to:

[email protected]