For the second year running, the Mindless Ones will be hawking their tawdry wares at the Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds.

We’ll be at table 46 in the recently renamed New Dock Hall, so feel free to stop by for headtouching and pishtalk if you’re at the convention!

Last year’s convention was generally agreed to be one of the best comics related gatherings that Team Mindless had ever attended, so we’re coming team handed this year.

I’ll be there, basking in my glorious failure to finish my book about The Filth in time for the convention, talking nonsense about comics, and scaring off attractive people of all genders by reciting some of my very worst poetry.

ALSO: even more disappointingly, I definitely WON’T be looking like this:

So I haven’t been blessed with an upside down chandelier for a head!  What can I say, life is cruel.

Your mother’s favourite sponsorship boy The Beast Must Die will be there too, using his face to show the world exactly why he is known as The Most Handsome Mindless while selling his QUALITY COMICS to the masses.

Here’s a list of the goodies that the pretty Beast will be bringing with him to Thought Bubble:

Cindy & Biscuit no.1 (24 pages B+W)
Cindy & Biscuit no.2 (44 pages B+W)
Cindy & Biscuit no.3 (56 pages B+W) – DEBUTING AT THOUGHT BUBBLE 2012!!!
HOWL! An Anthology of Horror (64 pages B+W)

For those who came in late, Cindy and Biscuit is one of the best comics going right now, a hilarious and evocative mix of childhood adventure and the curdled version of the same – I’d rant about it on this site more often if its creator didn’t also bleeding well write for this website!

Just click on the image below and read some of The Beast’s work if you don’t believe me:

A copy of the Howl anthology lurks somewhere in the spare room of my house, just waiting to strike when the moment is right. Maybe you’d like to add some danger to your everyday book browsing experience, because hey, sometimes having a village sniper isn’t enough, you know?

If the answer is yes, then get yrself some howl. Growl.

Completing the SILENCE! line-up, gentle giant Gary Lactus will be popping his Thought Bubble cherry. When he’s not doling out wit and wisdom like the Kosmick Guidance Councillor he is, the right honorable Mister Lactus will be flogging the four colour horse to within an inch of its life in the hope of winning the daft race that is COMICS.

Here’s a brief inventory of what the big chap will be touting at Thought Bubble, as narrated by the man himself in his fantasy alter-ego of R. Gary. R.R. Lactus:

Andrew and Steven, The Amusing Brothers
A4 28 pages full colour £3. 96 strips and a beautiful pin up of Andrew and Steven with a Foreword by top radio DJ Steve Wright.

Andrew and Steven, The Amusing Brothers in Knights Of The Realm
A5 20 pages full colour £2. This is the book that changed everything. This is the moment when Fraser Geesin invented the Graphic Novel. Foreword by Gary Lactus.

Dream Date
£4 A beautifully bound little book filled with feculent horror. By Tim leopard with illustrations by Fraser Geesin

Illogical Volume’s Arse

Contrary to the above, I would like it to be made clear that my arse – while very reasonably priced – could only be described as “cheap” by someone who lives in a spaceship and wipes their own hind parts with toilet roll made out of the stray dreams of punch-drunk angels.  Someone like Gary Lactus, gawd bless him.  Gless him.

You might think that you’re sick about hearing about all of the lovely that we have to sell you, but you could be wrong because Andrew Hickey is going to be in the house too, selling copies of his two books on comics:

Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!a book about Batman, Doctor Who, quantum physics, Oscar Wilde, liberalism, the second law of thermodynamics, Harry Potter fanfic, postmodernism, and Superman.

An Incomprehensible Conditiona fractal narrative designed to explode another fractal narrative, namely, Grant Morrison and co’s Seven Soldiers!

Mister Hickey (or as those who’ve taken a spin in the Bulletproof Coffin know him, Andre Whickey), will also be selling a collection of his short stories, and he’ll probably have a few copies of his books on The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Monkees with him too, if that’s your sort of thing (note: it probably should be).

As if all that wasn’t enough, Brother Bobsy will be in town, kicking pricks and harshing buzzes as he sees fit, and Mindless Associates Plok, Hollistic Tendancies and Mister Attack will also be in full effect.

If the gods of print have been kind to him, Mister Attack will be armed with copies of his own comic, Wake Up Screaming, a webcomic made of (un)equal parts ACTION and INACTION, all of it powered by the sort of resentment that comes naturally to a boy fae the Heed who finds himself in higher education.




JOIN US!!!!!

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