CINDY & BISCUIT no. 2 is here!

February 29th, 2012

Okay, it’s finally done – 44 pages of comics goodness, featuring everyone’s favourite angry little girl and her dog!

£3.50 (+p&P) – head over to the Shop at Milk The Cat to purchase:


Please note – tt’s available (along with all my other stuff) to overseas readers too – check out the postage  details  over at Milk The Cat

Features the stories Cindy & Biscuit and the Secrets of Summer, Biscuit Beyond (as seen right here), the epic 18 page Cindy vs The Sea, Cindy & Biscuit and the Snowman and Excerpts from Cindy’s Diary.

I really am super-pleased with this. It’s the best comics work I’ve ever done and ,after the great reception the first issue got, I’m hoping you’re going to love it too.

Click below for some teaser images…

(From Cindy & Biscuit and the Secrets of Summer)

(From Cindy vs The Sea)
Here’s some nice things that some lovable internet rogues you might know:

“Cindy & Biscuit really has something delightfully magical about it, and White has delivered a great comic, with a depth that surprises and adds to the experience”

Richard Burton – Forbidden Planet International

“White is a really great artist, and his art rewards studying and dissecting just as much as it does reading”

J. Caleb Mozzocco – Robot 6

“Super charming”

Jeff Lester – Savage Critics

“Such vibrant cartooning…Dan White is crazy talented”

Sean Collins – Attention Deficit Disorder

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and get yourself some nutrition, and help me buy that pair of golden lederhosen I’ve had my eye on…

10 Responses to “CINDY & BISCUIT no. 2 is here!”

  1. bobsy Says:

    Food. Keep one back for me somewhere please.

  2. bobsy Says:


    Nah, ‘Food’, let’s stick with it. Cindy and Biscuit is an essential basic provision.

  3. J_Smitty_ Says:

    Is there any chance for U.S. delivery at this point?

  4. Zom Says:

    I suspect so. Dan?

  5. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Sure thing – just head over to ‘The Shop’. It’s a tiny bit more on the p&p for US, but nothing major. If you by any bundles of my other stuff, I’m also open to negotiation…


  6. Zom Says:

    You might want to make it super clear that international postage is a possibility in the post itself


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  8. Illogical Volume Says:

    My order has been placed, I cannot wait to put your comic in me.

  9. Ulf Imwiehe Says:

    Just thundered through #1 and #2. Fantastic! I’ll never look at snowmen the same way again.

  10. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Rich at Forbidden Planet just wrote a SUPER fucking nice review of C&B no.2:


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