Welcome back to Diane.

Tonight Rosie, Adam and Mark find themselves lost in Part 7 of Twin Peaks, The Return, in which dog legs carry information, keys open questions, and continuity proves the terror of TV (just as much as comics)!

We discuss the narrative canvas, we bask in the warmth of Warren Frost, and we cock an ear at the resonant renaissance of magic at the Great Northern.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t move, just listen closely.

Theme from Diane is by your boy Mass Roman of Strangers from Birth.

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Welcome back to Diane.

This week Rosie, Adam and Bob get the buzz for our second reaction show, where we offer our initial thoughts on Twin Peaks: The Return – Episodes three and four/Parts 3 & 4. This is a late posting. Sorry guys it’s all my fault. PART 5 IS TONITE!!

But tonight on Diane the world is full of Dale Coopers and all of them are trying to get home. His odysseys brings brings back some memories as we talk sapphires, steel, shoelessness, Babalon and Brando.

Ladies and gentlemen, we hate to admit it, but we don’t understand this situation at all. Do you understand it?

Theme from Diane is by the wonderful Mass Roman of Strangers from Birth. Cheers Mass, you make us what we are.

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Welcome to Diane… #23

Things fall apart as Rosie takes a week off, leaving Ad, Mark and Bob to explore Episode 21 of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, also known as ‘Double Play’ – and all without reasonable supervision.

Predictably enough boytime reigns and our #lads look at  this episode through the lens of SUPERVILLAINRY: Leo reasserts his authority over the Johnson house, Ben’s therapy takes a turn for the problematic, and the omens don’t look good for Dick and Andy. Amid the gathering darkness, the old goat and scarlet  woman have decided to adopt a child!


He is no longer the pretext for a story: the story itself renders him homage. He can neither be destroyed nor accept modifications. He requires more of others than of himself. He is never completely invisible. His likeness can be seen through his face. His science is more precious than the word. It is not possible to guess it – and no one can doubt its power.

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Next episode: We investigate a veil through which you might not see.

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Welcome to Diane… number 8.

Rosie, Mark and Bob face facts as they discuss the sixth episode of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, Realization Time.

It’s six days since Laura died and those who seek her killer are playing dress-up. Maddie plays Laura, Coop and Ed play oral surgeons, and Audrey plays with fire. Storm clouds gather and Waldo the mynah bird is killed.

Expect: the problem of beauty, ghostly recordings, Calvin Klein’s Obsession, and a Hank and Harry hair-off


There are no desiring-machines that exist outside the social machines that they form on a large scale; and no social machines without the desiring machines that inhabit them on a small scale.

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Next episode: The last episode.

Welcome to Diane… number 6.

Mars and Venus collide as Rosie, Bob and Adam go hard on the fourth episode of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, The One Armed Man, where men are men and women and women.

Dr Jacoby tells us that the problems of our entire society are of a sexual nature, so expect sexwar, teen romance, wild beasts, big dicks, metaphors for big dicks, and an encroaching wood in this week’s installment of Diane…


The One-armed Man: You guys have a problem?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: No.
Cosmo Renfro: Uh, no, no problem at all.


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Next episode: Mum’s gone to Iceland, and Iceland beat England 2-1.