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Things fall apart as Rosie takes a week off, leaving Ad, Mark and Bob to explore Episode 21 of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, also known as ‘Double Play’ – and all without reasonable supervision.

Predictably enough boytime reigns and our #lads look at  this episode through the lens of SUPERVILLAINRY: Leo reasserts his authority over the Johnson house, Ben’s therapy takes a turn for the problematic, and the omens don’t look good for Dick and Andy. Amid the gathering darkness, the old goat and scarlet  woman have decided to adopt a child!


He is no longer the pretext for a story: the story itself renders him homage. He can neither be destroyed nor accept modifications. He requires more of others than of himself. He is never completely invisible. His likeness can be seen through his face. His science is more precious than the word. It is not possible to guess it – and no one can doubt its power.

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Next episode: We investigate a veil through which you might not see.

13 Responses to “Diane… #23: Twin Peaks Episode 21 – Double Play”

  1. bobsy Says:

    OK so I enjoyed presenting this week but I DEFINITELY got the name of this episode wrong, right at the very beginning.

    I had one job…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t notice. Not hugely bothered about episode titles anyway. Is there any evidence they were used in the original broadcasts? I don’t recall the episodes having names then.

  3. bobsy Says:

    No they’re add-ins from a much later German DVD release, I think. (someone reading this out there definitely knows that for sure!) They’re not ‘official’ or essential, but they do sometimes illuminate the episodes themselves, and including them keeps the eps less ‘closed’ and beholden to the conditions of their original broadcast imho.

    Very pleased to hear you didn’t even notice btw- thanks! :-)

  4. Adam Says:

    They got assigned titles when they aired in Germany. As I understand it it was the network, and completely unofficial. Lots of fans dislike them

  5. John Says:

    Good episode as always Team Diane,
    It was an interesting choice to basically say “Here’s a new Diane, but no Rosey, Happy Thanksgiving anyway” but the boys held it together to soften the blow and keep the quality steady. An overall win for the week (but just barely, Rosey).

    I’m going to miss “Wild Ride”. Not the way it’s presented in the show, but the way you talk about it. You manage to pull out interest in even the worst subplot, and there’s good comedic value how you do it too.
    The storyline itself would’ve been interesting if the by-the-numbers tropes we were given would’ve instead been repeated then repeated then repeated in a way resembling dream logic, or needle skips (if he met the femme fetale, then met her again slightly differently, then met her again, etc). Could’ve implied that James was repeating his past mistakes getting involved with that sort of woman once again.
    But then you say how James is an empty vessel that the people talking to him can use to reflect on themselves…it made me laugh out loud calling him empty vessel but it’s so true. He’s just like the typical boring boy anime hero you’re supposed to plug your own experience into, so you can say “I could be piloting that robot”.
    Bye James.

    Caroline’s missing presence just plain kills me. In the show, in the Cooper autobiography…it’s just disappointing. Let’s Tell (not Show) the viewer about Cooper’s heartbreak. That’s good storytelling, right?

    Eckhardt being a Name within Theosophy is so cool. I would’ve kept missing that one. One of them working for the Illuminati….he’s a bad guy and the Illuminati is traditionally filling that role vs the heroic role fillers the masons, that’s a good under-the-surface touch.

    One and a half more episodes before the quality climb really kicks in.

  6. Un homme solitaire Says:

    Rosie gone?! Garmonbozia indeed!

    Well, the lads did an admirable job holding the lodge.
    I wouldn’t be re-watching the doldrums if not for “Diane”. Like John says you folks manage to pull the diamonds from the rough.

    This is the beginning of the fast-forwardable episodes. We can dress it up, but there’s no getting around this is a patch of bad TV for the next while – maybe it says something about the strength of Twin Peaks universe is that it could withstand being abandoned by it’s creators for such a stretch.

    Windham Earl is AWFUL. I doubt I can be convinced otherwise, but I admire your enthusiasm.
    By the way, it was a LODGEpole pine left with the unconvincing, non-threatening, irrelevant corpse.

    I’m very disappointed with the shift from psychological nightmare-logic to standard slasher horror. We’ve gone from terrifying shadows in the Red Room to scary clowns. Lynch has left the building.

    The colour choice of the scenes would have been a very conscious decision. They shot on film, not video, necessitating decisions long before shooting began.

    Interested to see what they make of James in the third season, judging from a few recent interview clips the actor seems to have matured considerably – I’ve always had the impression that the character was named James Hurley so as not to confuse James Marshall…

    I’ve left a comment back at Diane #4, hoping to add a bit of insight from a Canadian/Pacific Northwest perspective – If comments from that far back get read, I’d love to leave some more.

  7. Mark Says:

    Rosie gone for just one week peeps! She does so much of the real legwork on the pod and she needed to focus on something else that week. It´s good to know she was sorely missed however. Frankly it amazes me that she hasn´t taken a pod off before!

  8. Mark Says:

    I will check your comments tomorrow, Mr Un Homme! (Btw, great to have you here!)

  9. Anton B Says:

    I’m guessing no Diane this week so I just want to add that, although Rosie was missed (and she wrote some flattering things about me on twitter so I am biased), the boys did an excellent job in her absence, only nearly resorting to fisticuffs a couple of times as I recall. (That was my comment above about Bobsie and episode titles that somehow came out as ‘anonymous’ btw)

    Yeah Un Homme, not a big fan of Wyndham Earle myself. I never really buy into the Sherlock/Moriarty, Doctor Who/The Master ‘every heroic figure must have a dark counterpart’ thing. And in the case of Twin Peaks it seems like a clumsy and unnecessary attempt to draw the narrative back toward TV trope cliche. This and the, in the absence of the creators, gratuitously ‘wacky’ or gauche noir-for-the sake-of-it sub-plots (James’ Wild Ride, Ben’s Civil War) are, for me, what sends the show off track.

  10. Rosie Says:

    We DO have an episode tonight, and next week as well. That week in the background gave me the little recharge I needed so the next week off will be December 14th.

    Absolutely loved the theme of supervillains and the slasher ambiance on this episode. I go back and forth on Windham (is there an agreed spelling? I feel like I’ve seen it spelled a million ways) Earle. That first shot of the fallen FBI agent in his rumpled suit is a character I find very compelling. Disguise Windham feels cheap, despite the salience of disguises as a TP device.

    And totally agree with John that Carolyn could/should have been given a bit more life, given how capably TP gives life to Laura.

    LOL at James being super anime and also named so as not to confuse James Marshall. We are all so mean!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Yaaay! To new Diane tonight. Just checked. TP Wiki has Windom Earle. I think I’m taken with Whyndam as a spelling because of Whyndam Lewis and John Whyndam. I agree fallen hero is more interesting potentially than comedy-villain master of disguise. Though watching ep. 22 last night I started theorising around the woods/lodge/owls providing disguises/fiction suits. Is Earle’s hut in the forest the same as Catherine’s bolt hole after the mill fire?

  12. Anton Binder Says:

    and again that was me above. Seems my phone doesn’t always auto-fill my details.

  13. rhdgptt Says:


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