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This week Rosie, Adam and Bob get the buzz for our second reaction show, where we offer our initial thoughts on Twin Peaks: The Return – Episodes three and four/Parts 3 & 4. This is a late posting. Sorry guys it’s all my fault. PART 5 IS TONITE!!

But tonight on Diane the world is full of Dale Coopers and all of them are trying to get home. His odysseys brings brings back some memories as we talk sapphires, steel, shoelessness, Babalon and Brando.

Ladies and gentlemen, we hate to admit it, but we don’t understand this situation at all. Do you understand it?

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4 Responses to “Diane: The Return (Twin Peaks episodes 3-4)”

  1. Cass Says:

    Not being familiar with Brando outside of the Godfather and Superman, I thought Wally was supposed to be reincarnated Major Briggs, but kind of a crap version because he was filtered through Lucy and Andy.

  2. bobsy Says:

    (I think there is a hefty dose of our boy Dick Tremayne in there too.)

  3. Cass Says:

    Ha, right, forgot about him.

    The biggest dangling plot thread from Season 2 of Twin Peaks is whatever happened to Little Nicky. I bet Lynch will address it in the final episode of The Return. Keep the audience in suspence, ya know?

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