Hey!  Great to see you!  Yeah, great party!  That Amy Poodle sure knows how to get a great looking, interesting and fun group of people together in a room and provide appropriate circumstances for that group of people to enjoy themselves!  Anyway, me and the rest of these Mindless Ones are off to a quiet corner to talk about comics.  You coming?  Great!

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Hey! Look at these!

Enjoy some pictures of stuff we plan on talking about at this great party after the jump…

This list is going to be a little unconventional. It’s going to include things like websites for starters, because, hey, this is the future, and we want to let you guys know we’re not all *old media* here in the dark dimension. Also, it’s going to alternate between an ‘amypoodle recommends’ kinda thing and an actual ‘best of’ list. If it was solely the latter, then I’m afraid it would be rather boring:
‘I went to see Batman at the I-Max and it was reaaaally gooooood’, you know the score. And most of it wasn’t produced this year either. Sorry.

poodle xmas dance, poodle xmas JUMP!