Hey!  Great to see you!  Yeah, great party!  That Amy Poodle sure knows how to get a great looking, interesting and fun group of people together in a room and provide appropriate circumstances for that group of people to enjoy themselves!  Anyway, me and the rest of these Mindless Ones are off to a quiet corner to talk about comics.  You coming?  Great!

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Hey! Look at these!


That Gary Lactus just won’t stop going on about Batman: Gotham After Midnight by Steve Niles and Doug Moench.


He clearly loves The Twelve by J Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston.  I wish he’d stop going on about it though, he’s such a party bore!


Ha ha!  Amy Poodle loves Eddie Campbell and Dan Best’s, Monsieur Leotard!  He’s such a great guy!


This Tymbus guy.  Whose dad is he and what’s he doing at this party?  He just complains about everything and only likes stuff from before he was born like The Essential Hulk.  GO TO BED, GRANDAD!


This Zom bloke loves talking about Batman RIP.  I don’t know what a Batman RIP is.  I think it’s some kind of cool drug.


This Bobsy guy is some sort of fucking psycho.


The Beast Must Die has a crazy name but only likes weird comics like Fletcher Hanks’, I Will Destroy All The Civilized Planets.  Where’s the Avengers?!  Fucking loser!  I’m going back to the amusing party time.

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