December 21st, 2021


Leaping lizards, it’s only our flipping 300th episode specktaklyar! OR IS IT? No it is. OR IS IT? You’ll have to listen to find out won’t you?

In this firm, festive and juicy edition of the world’s first, favourite and indeed only podcast SILENCE!, Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die answer listener questions. That’s right it’s primo pod-content provided by the loyal SILENCE massive and let me tell you the boys rise to the occasion, like a couple of rum happy castaways bobbing on a raft made of pure hot comic opinions.

Lots of things discussed, all of it delivered in the mighty, meaty, beaty, big and bouncy SILENCE manner. I’m not going to list it all here, that would spoil th fun and it has nothing to do with laziness.

Thanks to all who provided questions, and keep it festive, freaky during the holiday season. Be nice to each other.







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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.

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