August 11th, 2020



Ok people let’s get real. Real talk time. Time for a reality check. Time to get real people. Real time talk. Tough talk. Tough talk for tough times. Time to get tough people. Tough people tough times tough talk. Real tough real talk for tough people in tough times.

Comics. Not just for kids?

<ITEM> It’s a brand new SILENCE! for a brand new smouldering world. Join hands with Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die as we tiptoe through the wasteland and talk the one thing that we can all agree on, COMICS

<ITEM> Anti-sponsorship, a bit of promotional flim flam about The Savage Beast, and probably a load more. Who can tell?

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse opens it’s gappy maw and swallows us whole, as we discuss the UK ‘adult’ comics boom of the late 80s/early 90s, talking about CRISIS, Revolver, Deadline and more. Then it’s Space Warp, Empyre, World’s Funnest, 2000AD prog 559, And Now, Sir – is THIS Your Missing Gonad?, Deadman: Love & Death, Deadman: Exorscism, Adam Strange: The Man Of Two Worlds and more. More? MOOOOOOOOOOOORE!

<ITEM> Out the back door you lot, before Mum & Dad get back


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One Response to “SILENCE! #283”

  1. Nick Says:

    Although it skipped a couple of issues, Third World War actually ran up until issue 53 of Crisis, by which point, if I remember correctly, it is very bad indeed and mostly a dry run for Finn.

    Also, on the subject of why Revolver failed, in the recent Hibernian Comics’ Fantastic Adventures, there’s interviews with both Peter Hogan and Frank Wynne about it. Both suggest it’s failure was down to it not making enough money, but Peter Hogan also claims that was partly down to the actions of the chief executive who was then in charge of the Comics section hating comics. He would have cancelled everything (2000ad, Crisis, etc.) if he could have got away with it, in Hogan’s telling, but was still able to sabotage Revolver’s launch. The music magazine he then replaced it with subsequently went on to lose even more money, but Hogan doesn’t tell us what that magazine was. It’s the sort of story you want to take with several punches of salt, but still feels believable.

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