May 14th, 2018



This podcast was completed three days ago and do you know what held it up? Writing this bloody blurb! Please submit your blurbs for future use via email so this sort of thing need never happen again.

It looks like SILENCE!#250 ushered in a bold new age for the pod pals as they once again piece together an episode at free moments in their very busy, extremely important lives. There was chat about The Fourth Of May With You, the burgeoning Evil Of The Minibeast, Bob Mortimer and Maria Bamford’s recent podcast appearances and the forthcoming shows by Fraser Geesin, Matt Banks and Dunce Tank. SILENCE! Because The Film’s Started brings Avengers: Affinity Friends and Brawl in Cell Block 99.

Then from Outpost Reviewniverse we have The Prisoner, Legionnaires and Tales Designed To Thrizzle as read to Little Barry Lactus. The Free Comic Book Day offerings of James Bond, Tank Girl, Street Angel’s Dog, 2000AD Re-Gene, World’s Greatest Cartoonists and DC Nation. Finally, Batman, The Avengers, Eternity Girl and The One. Probably something else too but I’ve had it with writing this stupid blurb, time to set this pod free and watch it soar freely into the ears of our three or four listeners.



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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.

7 Responses to “SILENCE! #251”

  1. Thrills Says:

    I like this current pod format! The top roving entertainment magazine discussion show!

    I have similar feelings as you folks regarding the ’2000AD for kids’ thing. I know 2000AD’s obviously read by old dicks like me, but it has gained very little creatively by catering exclusively to my demographic, and does very little that wouldn’t be suitable for ‘the youth’ with only minor edits. I’m not a marketplace PR maverick though so I dinnae ken, really.

    That high concept of the BKV comic about “illegal aliens, but they’re actually actual space aliens!!!” sounds godawful, may have let out an audible groan when I heard that. Does the alien have a nose? Or did it fall off due to the weight of the comic’s theme being on it?


    That Bob Mortimer/Adam Buxton podcast was lovely, eh? I’ll have to track down this Maria Bamford one the Beast mentions as she is incredibly endearing.

  2. Anton B Says:

    A definite thumbs up for the new format. Silence! Now with added ambience.

    Surprised you didn’t mention Vietch’s ‘Greyshirt’ the hidden gem in uncle Alan’s ABC line. Simultaneously a lovely pastiche of Eisner’s The Spirit, a set of experiments in storytelling technique and a treasure trove of noir shitweird.

  3. Winty Says:

    Could not agree with Ver Beast more.

    Byrne also once made the point about “Super Spidey Stories”. We did not grow up on such puerile shite. We just read comics and sometimes they extended our vocabulary and introduced us to more grown up themes.

    I have already posted on that story in 2000ad where they lobotomized a Mega-Citizen for discovering that the Judges were “Tranxing” the population. It shat me up at the time but it got me thinking.

    “Comics aren’t for kids anymore”. Perhaps the best ones always were? The worst thing that ever happened to mainstream Marvel/DC comics (which I think Gary is lamenting of late) was the need to cater for 40-something man-children living in their parent’s basements.

    Nevertheless, there is a place for more adult-themed superheroic fare and Rich Veitch’s “The One” supplies it. There is a very good panel discussion about “The Revisionist Superhero” in the first trade paperback that is well worth a look (unortuately, I think it is tainted by the Dreamsqueezer’s fay musings).

    Thank you (again) for another good podcast.

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