Daniel Furnace is the Devil’s Boy – Paul Jon Milne

The shaggiest of shaggy dog stories, which turns out to be the perfect excuse for a stroll through Milne’s aesthetic.

Craggy glam, baying crowds, dissatisfied parents – it all resonates on the same weird frequency.

Ida Henrich – Minor Side Effects

A paper paradox, this.

The cartooning is best when depicting the space taken up by demands, questions, queasy downturns and flailing spaghetti arms.  Somehow, this makes room for Henrich to lay out her thoughts on contraception.

The Wild Storm #3 – Warren Ellis & Jon Davis-Hunt

So deliberate in its construction, but to such little effect.

Clever plays on the way characters move between panels, protracted gunfights, metatextual teases: mere adornment for tired story beats and technobabble.

Ultimates v.1 – Al Ewing/Kenneth Rocafort

These cosmicomic revamps are very logical, which brings some odd stakes: will the cleverness get boring?

Despite a limited supply of unexpected visuals, it doesn’t, and Christian Ward’s issue has a malleable magic to it. #Comics280

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