That’s right!  In this third in the #SCOIP series of podcast crossovers, The Beyonder has gathered together Gary Lactus with Kieran Shiach from Journey Into Misery, Chico Leo from Fan Bros and Al Kennedy from
House To Astonish to ponder the impossibly specific question, ARE THINGS BETTER OR WORSE.

Unsurprisingly things turn pretty ramblesome pretty quickly as our cosmic castaways talk about Comic Book Movies, Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada and The Changing Face Of The Industry In General. There’s some laughs, some sagely nods and some lovely Moral messages at the end.

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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #163 Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts #3”

  1. Ian Pérez Says:

    Re: The CW intros. It’s almost certainly a network mandate: Nikita, a show that has nothing to do with comics whatsoever, also had that same style of intro for much of its first season, which also served as a pseudo-”Previously”. “The Tomorrow People” also had the same sort of intro.

  2. Illogical Volume Says:

    Wrapped myself up in this like a cosy blanket when I got in tonight – the perfect antidote to the foul shift of season, thanks folks!

  3. Sol Says:

    For what it’s worth, I grew up on the second Claremont / Cockrum X-men (started reading comics just around the time Byrne left) and I think the two most recent X-men movies are easily the best.

    The first two X-men movies mimicked the line-up of Claremont’s X-men but almost completely missed the spirit. First Class made up its story whole cloth, but absolutely nailed the spirit and many of the characters.

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  5. Get Ready for the Final Episode of the Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts! | Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men Says:

    [...] EPISODE THREE: Are Things Better or Worse? [...]

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