November 5th, 2013



I am Disembodied 16-bitbot X – 15735. YOU LOSE!

I’m the strongest woman in the world! You are not a warrior; you’re a beginner! Seeing you in action is a joke. Let’s fight. Or alternatively, let’s all listen to SILENCE! together. And it’s a three-way special as GAry Lactus & The Beast Must Die face a return from notorious end-of-level boss BOBSY! Now you realize the inner mysteries of yoga. Handsome fighters never lose battles! FLAWLESS VICTORY!

<ROUND 1> Sponsorship, admin, SILENCE! Live at Thought Bubble & bibble babble. Get up you wimp!

<ROUND 2> It’s a tight squeeze as the three muskercretins barge their way into the Reviewniverse. There’s extended talk of Your Days Are Numbered (with work from Shaky Kane, Tom Scioli, Alex Shubert, Kyle Platts and more)Paul O’Connell’s Sound of Drowning, and the extinction level event that is the return of Neil Gaiman: Dream Laureate’s Sandman. They also discuss Prophet, X-Men: Battle of The Atom, Hannah Eaton’s Naming Monsters and the Thought Bubble 2013 Anthology. It’s natural for a sumo to be the world’s stongest

<ROUND 3> There’s some digressionary tracts into the geographical inaccuracies of Thor 2 and the unpleasant politics of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Go home and be a family man!

That’s all. Go now. And remember: You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!


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19 Responses to “SILENCE! #83”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Comics pals are all excited about the new Sandman stuff, and I grit my teeth and say nothing, or, as I did at the weekend, I appear enthused as I don’t want to seem like a curmudgeonly prick who hates fun.

    I loved the comic when I was a tediously sensitive teen, and I still enjoy the odd reread and recognise its importance in my development as a nerdy piece of shit, but I have absolutely no desire to read more stories related to the characters. I mean, even Endless Nights was pushing it a bit.

    It’s all just a reminder of when I went to a live Hitchiker’s Guide to The Galaxy thing with my Significant Other and Gaiman was narrating, and it was hideous, smug and cloying and nothing there felt like it had any relevance to my life anymore, and if these people were my people (dweebs) then I’m living all wrong.

    I am a curmudgeonly prick who hates fun.

    I also am more interested in Gaiman’s Miracleman. Love his Golden Age stuff, other than the children’s storybook chapter.

    P.S. Paul O’Connel is ace, I agreeeeeeee

  2. Stefan Says:

    This was a really great episode, well done guys!
    You made me laugh several times in public, like a weirdo, so thanks for that!

  3. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Our aim is to make people actually wet themselves in public, so we’ll keep striving.

  4. Tim B. Says:

    Thnanks for the episode.

    Never got into Gaimen’s Sandman, borrowed Seasons in the Mist in issues when they came out, read part of the first trade hung-over around a friends, never got into it, all a bit too angsty goth for my tastes. However, been the amateur contrarian I loved Sandman Mystery Theatre and I always thought that Sandman Midnight Theatre covered the time between the two series.

    As for Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TBMD is spot on about wanting the government not to be heroes all the time. Right now the Doctor is the only genre TV Hero that isn’t government affiliated. Given that all the popular franchises are corporate owned is it really surprising we’re going to be fed a steady stream of how the status quo is good for your and you really shouldn’t question wether a massive self-serving techno-bureacracy with no regard for privacy can be anything but a good thing and really isn’t a threat to democracy etc.

    Personally I’ve been wary of S.H.I.E.L.D. ever since the unsubtle use of ‘Homeland’ to align itself with the real world Department For Homeland Security. Think it’s time for Nick Fury to go on one of his gun based managment re-organisation exercises…

  5. bobsy Says:

    The only way Agents of S.H.I.T.E could be any good is if they get the guys from Elektra: Assassin in to be the new goodies.

  6. jameswheeler Says:

    Haha, I really liked the back-up in Prophet, though did find it a little Adventure Time-y…

    The bad opinion, it’s still got me!

    I saw a thing with the SHIELD showrunner on Newsarama talking about how it is supposed to be leading toward Coulson & co’s realisation that SHIELD is rotten and there must be a New Way, not that any of that’s come through in what (mercifully little) I’ve seen.

    Mainly I don’t care that it’s fash – that’s Marvel – it just needs to not be shit and boring and ugly. Extechop (which I always pronounced exte-chop in my head, because they chop people up) would be ace.

  7. The Beast Must Die Says:

    TV could never capture the fever dream intensity of Elektra: Assassin

    That comic. That really was the highpoint of Miller for me.

  8. Thrills Says:

    How IS Extechop pronounced if not exte-chop?

    Coincidentally, I’m in the middle of reading Elektra:Assassin, and this new information might change everything.

    Also, on the whole square jerkass government stooge superhero thing: I started watching Green Lantern today, thinking he wasn’t part of the military industrial complex, and it’d just be slightly diverting space bullshit, but I had clearly forgotten Hal Jordan tests flying weapons for the military. WHAT A GREAT GUY.

  9. jameswheeler Says:

    After a while I realised it is surely ex-tech-op. Right? Or was that realisation the wrong one?!

  10. Thrills Says:

    Ah, that does make a lot more sense! But I can’t imagine it taking root in my brain as anything other than ‘exte-chop’. It’s so evocative!

  11. bobsy Says:

    It’s ‘sink-e-vitch’

  12. address: the unknown Says:

    I was sitting in my domain listening to “Mindless Ones” by Monster Magnet, when I was struck by a vision:

    DC Comics should hire Brandon Graham and the whole Prophet creative team to revamp it’s Green Lantern franchise! relate to alien casual star sapphire universal cosmic sex mind expansion head trip psychedelic interstellar man god fever dream intensity escape my sight with ‘sink-e-vitch’ covers…

    Sorry to hear that Prophet is ending; Great podcast guys!

  13. kieron Gillen Says:

    Chloe Noonan is nothing at all like Cindy & Biscuit!

  14. The Beast Must Die Says:

    No, not really. Ellerby and Great Beast in general are a force for good in UK comics too. Self publishing done right

  15. Tam Says:

    Good little chat about Tharg. As a kid, I used to find him really annoying and patronising, naively thinking he wasn’t real. Now I’m older and wiser and know that he’s a real alien editor after all, I’ve found myself much fonder of The Mighty One since returning to The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic a few years ago.

    And really good point about there being the potential for a good Tharg story, despite the fact no one’s ever written a good one to date. Although Gordon Rennie and Frazer Irving came closest when they used him as the host in Tharg’s Terror Tales

    Also, while I’m here, I ought to mention I’ve found the best ever thing on twitter recently :

    I hate the muppets bcuz of the Pig girl, she was disgusting, i hate her with my life, she doesnot leave the lizard alone

  16. Tom Kemp Says:

    The sound of three

  17. Tom Kemp Says:

    Oops! The sound of three grown men in their respective living rooms collectively squeezing their way into an imaginary portal is real, true joy

  18. Illogical Volume Says:


  19. The Beast Must Die Says:


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