Bobsy’s turn to bestow treats.  Zom is the lucky recipient of Swamp Thing # 60. This episode is also remarkable as we manage to get trapped in the room when the door knob breaks, adding a sense of real life drama to proceedings.
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3 Responses to “Seasonal Gifting Ritual Podcast #2: Swamp Thing # 60”

  1. Jog Says:

    Hell yes. I’ve always felt that one of the crucial aspects of the Moore Swamp Things was that Bissette & Veitch in particular honed their styles just a little ways past the tail end of the American underground comics period, and that they took this very gnarled, upset, angry variation and applied it to Moore’s similarly-informed horror scripts to create something uniquely post-counterculture in tone, this despairing ’80s landscape of longhaired dudes with melty faces and hot yellow skies and John Totleben drawing vines and bugs crawling over everything… totally burned-out, bugged-out, hung-over stuff. It’s hard to believe Tatjana Wood was the only one of them over the age of 35 when they started; you’d think all these people were fifty-something mavericks from back in the day bringing hell to the superhero heartland. A lot of the later Vertigo(-ish) books read a bit like than, but none of them ever looked or felt the same way, or clicked nearly so well with where American comics were at that time… I’m frankly prone to looking at the stuff as closer to the first-wave ‘alternative’ comics (Love & Rockets, etc.) than any of the many many superhero books the Moore component wound up influencing…

  2. Zom Says:

    That’s bang on, Joe, and something I’ve never quite articulated to myself before. It’s channeling, in a dirty 80s way, something of the same energy as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (obvs Shade here, also).

  3. Igmus Says:

    You didn’t hit on it much, but I’d love it if you gents would devote more time to comparing Moore’s Swamp Thing with the recent New 52 series helmed by the decent (but vastly overrated) Scott Snyder.

    For that matter, I’d love it if you sort of took the piss out of the new Animal Man series as well. And if you did a level-headed review of what Snyder is doing on Batman (which is okay, but does come off as “Batman R.I.P. for stupid people).

    You did something similar a while ago in a podcast on Paul Cornell. And I loved hearing that, because you guys seem immune to the massive amounts of hype that get shoveled on these new “It-guy” DC writers.

    I like all of these writers, and all of their books, OKAY. But they just simply aren’t as great as everyone is saying. And if any sort of honest comparison is done, by juxtaposing the new Swamp Thing run with even a single issue of what Moore did, then it becomes pretty clear that the newer stuff is very unoriginal and unambitious. I’m beside myself, usually, because other comics reviewers on the internet don’t seem to realize this at all. Even the ones who have read Moore’s Swamp Thing and reference it all the time.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your podcast.

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