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Here’s a recording of a Grant Morrison interview concerning mainly his new book Supergods.  Bobsy did the interview with small interjections from Gary Lactus.  Here’s the nice picture on the back of the book:


Thanks to Grant and the folk at Jonathan Cape for their help in setting up this interview.  Apologies for sound quality.


Inadequate speakerphone with buzzing!

Intrusive street noise!

Phone line breaking up!

Phone and recording device falling over!

We need to do a transcript which will appear here soon but we thought you might want to hear the whole thing.

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If you’re new here you might want to have a look around. We have lots more thoughts on Morrison’s work.

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And that’s just the tip of a very big iceberg.

53 Responses to “Grant Morrison interview: Supergodcast!”

  1. luke Says:

    holy shit

  2. mckracken Says:

    no time for audio interviews.
    somebody tell me, please:

    when can i read SEAGUY ETERNAL`?

    you guys did ask him about seaguy eternal, did you????

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  4. mckracken Says:

    Best way to start a Morrison interview? Annoy him with that bloated 80ies series.

  5. Alexandre Says:

    Morrison’s accent behind a noisy speakerphone? C’mon guys, transcript it is.

  6. John Joyce Says:

    I live down in Dallas TX and Amazon US is totally out of the Seaguy comics or the first TPB, I hope these can get republished and Vol. 3 of course as this is one of the few Morrison books I haven’t read yet.

  7. Glunders Says:

    John Joyce: it’s true that Amazon’s out and the marketplace makes it appear as if the comics are very rare, but you can get ‘em nice and cheap on eBay. It’s worth it, of course. Wish there were apparent plans for a Slaves of Mickey Eye trade as I don’t like having the floppies lying around.

  8. Glunders Says:

    And yeah, this needs a transcript, though I very much enjoyed listening to it. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to hear his voice, I’ll admit.

  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    I agree and a transcript is on the way, but it’s also important to hear the tone of voice when someone says something like “I write a Watchmen every week!”

  10. amypoodle Says:

    Yeah, I should also point here that that there isn’t a transcript up yet has nothing to do with our being slack amateurs – which, y’know, we are – and everything to do with our finding the time inbetween jobs, kids and other life stuff to do the thing.

  11. Zom Says:

    We’re working on that transcript. I’ve done 20 minutes already. Took two and a half hours, which was a fair chunk of my day when you consider that I didn’t get to do it until my kid went to bed.

    Maybe next time we’ll wait until the transcripts are written up before posting the audio, but in this instance it was, I think understandably, a little hard to keep hold of our horses

  12. Zig Zag Zig Says:

    Pay no attention to those kids AmyZom. The whole thing is pretty audible if you care to listen. Thanks for this great interview.

  13. Thrills Says:

    I understood it just fine, but then ah’m a Scotsy McJocko.

    I would very much like to see Morrison’s Elton John comic done in the style of Dick Sprang.

    The “Alan Moore’s cool!” bit in the interview was quite lovely. Awwwww.

    That was a great interview – was humming and hawing about getting ‘Supergods’, as I sort of thought it might just be a reiteration of things he’d said in the past, but it sounds genuinely interesting, so it’s definitely going on my ‘to buy’ list.

    (though who am I kidding? I would have bought it anyway)

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  15. seth Says:

    i enjoyed this a lot, thanks for this mindless ones

  16. It Burns Says:

    I shit myself numerous times.

    I really want someone to draw a picture of Grant and Alan Moore hugging with a cartoon heart above their heads.

  17. Tex Fatallo Says:

    Really great stuff, look forward to the (hopefull) glut Morrison interviews the book will spawn.

  18. Lu Says:

    Thank you so much for that.

    Grant has been such a powerful influence on my growing up and the way I view the world – so to hear him so self defacing, funny and creative was glitterliciously exciting.

    My first time on this site.
    It won’t be the last.

    Thank you again. ^-^

  19. David Fiore Says:

    thanks friends–I really enjoyed that! (and it wasn’t THAT hard to decipher!)

    I was especially taken with the “are superheroes tough enough to take on capitalism” moment–and the discussion of the Flash

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  21. bush robots Says:

    went and looked at the majestic story Moore did that Morrison references– for what it’s worth, contrast and compare with the return of bruce wayne #6

  22. Zom Says:

    Glad you liked it, David. Big fan of yours.

    Glad everyone liked it. It’s nice to have new faces here.

  23. Brian Marino Says:

    Unfortunately, being a yank and having shitty speakers in my car I wasn’t able to listen to it on the long drive today like I wanted. Still, excited to listen to it while reading along with the transcript, as you are right, you have to HEAR him say some of the things he says.

    Can’t wait to read Supergods.

  24. Figserello Says:

    Great interview. I didn’t get all of it partially cause of the noise, and partly cause my hearing isn’t that great anyway.

    I’m sure if you’d gone out and explained to the bloke in the Cherry Picker that you were on the phone to the God of All Comics, he would have taken an hour-long smoko for you.

    Can’t wait to read the transcript.

    I’d have been gobsmacked too if someone tried to tell me Bono was a superhero.

  25. Deano Says:

    Kinda tasteless asking about gay sex and Millar. I wish you asked if he likes silent movies. Fritz Lang’s The Spiders has tons of pulp tropes used in his Batman run.

  26. The Beast Must Die Says:


    (throws away note)

  27. amypoodle Says:

    I thought the gay sex question was in relation to Milligan…. Bizzare Boys and all that.

    The thing is with all this wishing is we’re not psychic and we don’t know what’s on all your fannish minds. We have our own fannish minds to answer to first. But, yeah, not a bad question actually. Maybes next time.

  28. amypoodle Says:

    That’s the last time I’m ever typing the words ‘gay sex’. C’mon, we’re not 15 anymore.

  29. Illogical Volume Says:

    Aye, that question was fine – there’s nowt wrong with a bit of man love, nowt wrong with asking about it either.

    Asking about the Morrison/Millar & Morrison/Milligan relationships played to the gossipy, curious side of our fandom, for sure, but bobsy also raised a lot of other subjects and I think it all works in the mix.

    Plus, also: Morrison’s right to feel proud of that photo. The man looks HOTTT right there. “Now you’re talking!” etc…

  30. It Burns Says:

    (slaps his forehead)

    Fritz Lang. Of course!

  31. Illogical Volume Says:

    Fritz Lang? Fritz Wang more like!

    Who says I’m not 15 anymore? Come on!

    (Asking about Our Fritz would’ve been good, by ra way, but I’m mostly just proud of prompting the bit about Batman turning up in smash.)

  32. Deano Says:

    Hey, I love GAY SEX , thats what we call it in the United States of Repression. I just think private lives and all. Morrison has to be a fan of pulps(Fantomex) and returning Bats to his pulp roots is pretty cool. Does saying cool make me sound 15 too?

  33. amypoodle Says:


    It makes you sound groovy.

  34. Deano Says:

    Well I live in hope that I am groovy. Maybe someday. And it was impolite of me to not thank you for the interview(my bad). I wish you had a forum so we could all group hug or something. Peace.

  35. forum_user Says:

    “I wish you had a forum so we could all group hug or something. ”

    and so we return and begin again.

  36. RetroWarbird Says:

    Your cherrypicker went rather well with the roadwork outside my window. But I could hear him alright. Fantastic way to spend an afternoon, thanks Mindlesses.

  37. RetroWarbird Says:

    (And thank Grant for doing Otto Netz’ voice in classic evil Nazi accent!)

  38. Zom Says:

    Huggle time

  39. QueenB Says:

    It was pretty sweet how nervous you both sounded initially. Fuck knows what I’d have been like if I’d been offered a 45 minute interview with GM. Congrats to both of you, it was a great interview.

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  41. Zom Says:

    Thanks, QueenB

  42. joeyjojo Says:

    “Wish there were apparent plans for a Slaves of Mickey Eye trade”

    When the series was being published, the plan that was discussed was to put out the third one and then just do one trade with all nine issues together.

    I think it’s all a conspiracy; I got ‘We3′ and ‘Seaguy’ signed, and now those trades are both being upgraded!

  43. Zom Says:

    I’ve been waiting for the upgrade.

    Hoping Seaguy gets the deluxe treatment

  44. Mike Marinos Says:

    Wonderful interview and perfectly audible to aging ears. Thank you.

  45. Alphonse Says:

    Great interview.

    I’m surprised a little by Bobsy though; if he’s who I think he is, from way back when, I’d have expected a somewhat more forthright set of questiond. About Peter Milligan.

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